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how to throw a Christmas party

how to throw a Christmas party

Christmas parties are all around town during the end of the year, but how to throw a Christmas party that is not like any other is the challenge. This is to encourage invitees to prioritize your party. Whatever you do, do not over promote the festivities and then disappoint the attendees when you cannot keep your promises. Having one major highlight will be enough together with the usual components of a successful event. Here are the tips that will bring you closer to your goal:

  1. Never fail to plan because planning is the key to the event’s success.  Contrary to popular belief, just because you have free food and drinks will not guarantee that people will always show up. They must have a good reason to come to your party rather than all the other things they have to do for the holidays. There might be plenty of other   Christmas parties competing with yours.

  2. Come up with a good reason for the Christmas party and support it with a corresponding budget. Consider the status of your invited guests to determine the party setup.

    s may be one of your major homecomings in ten years’ time after being relocated overseas due to your profession. Your target group is your hometown friends that you haven’t seen for the longest time.

  3. Decide on the right date, time, and venue initially before the other details. You will need these to give out invitations well in advance so that your friends can block out the selected date on their calendar. Any Friday or Saturday night in December will be an ideal date except the ones that fall on the dates for family Christmas traditions. Booking a slot in a luxurious hotel will make your tasks easier. If you only want to spend moderately, select a restaurant noted for their delicious cuisine and nice, private ambiance.

  4. Organize entertainment that will bring back memories during your peak time with your expected visitors. Background music from the 80’s, a live band with a repertoire of your group’s favorite songs and a well-lit dance floor if you have the groove. You can opt for karaoke if you have a group of singers. Invite a prominent personality to either perform during the event or just to grace your party.

  5. Finalize your guest list and confirm the estimated number of attendees for the buffet and refreshments. A four-course meal with choices of chicken, beef, pork, and fish for the main course will be superb. Add a salad bar so that vegetarians can have choices on top of the appetizers and soup. Finish off the meal with two or three selections of desserts including fruit. Send the invitation with the RSVP stamp with all the details including the program and motif.

  6. Make use of the venue’s decorations included in the package. Just add a Christmas tree plus lots of candles, centerpieces, flowers, and other holiday decorations if you want to enhance what’s already offered. Stock up the bar with wines and spirits and other refreshing drinks or beverages. Negotiate with the venue manager how to facilitate this.

  7. Just before guests arrive, adjust the lighting, turn on some soft, Christmas music, set out the hors d'oeuvres, and bring out the punch or open the bar. Welcome your guests and explain the program for the night and make sure you are able to catch up with most of them plus have some fun too!

How to throw a Christmas party should be considered a privilege. This will cost you some money. But if you really think about being able to touch base with the people important to you with your limited time, this is a bargain. It wouldn’t be practical to drive   around town visiting 100 people or so one by one.


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