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How to Tie African Head Wraps

How to Tie African Head Wraps

You have countless accessories options to beautify your crowning glory. A head wrap is an especially great option for bad hair days or to create a unique look without styling your hair. Head wrapping is generally known as an African cultural tradition. It has since become popular in other parts in the world and has even become a fashion statement of sorts, with some non-African women even learning how to tie African head wraps. To pull off the look successfully, follow these steps:

  1. Comb your hair and, if it is long, tuck it behind your ears and put it in an updo.

  2. Pick a long scarf, fabric, or any other head wrap alternative that flatters your skin color and is a bit stretchy.

  3. Position the middle of wrap around the back of your head so that it is spread open and both sides are of equal lengths. Looking at the mirror during this step proves especially helpful.

  4. Wind the left side across and around the front of your head.

    Do the same with the right side. The edge of the wrap should fall about an inch or two below your hairline.

  5. Carefully pull the left side of the material and let it wrap around the back of your head so it lays over the right side of the head. Do the same on the other side. The two ends should meet at the front of your head.

  6. Fold these two ends in the front or side of your head. If especially long, you can knot them together.

  7. Secure the knot or fold with bobby pins.

  8. You can also tie an African head wrap around a low bun, which is appropriate for those with long or thick hair. First, brush your hair and put it in a ponytail, twist, or tight bun.

  9. Position the middle portion of the fabric onto the center of your forehead. If you're positioning the edge on top of your head instead of your forehead, secure the wrap by sliding in a couple of bobby pins around the edges.

  10. Pull on the edges so it hugs the crown of your head and let it cover your ears or lie just under your ears. Gather the loose ends of the scarf right at the nape of your neck and hold it in your hand.

  11. Twist the loose end with your free hand, beginning at the point where you gathered the ends of the scarf. Keep holding onto the ends as you twist to help stabilize the twist and make it tighter.

  12. Wind the twisted length of fabric around your bun. Keep wrapping it until you reach the end of the material. Insert the end underneath the bun and secure with bobby pins.

Be careful not to wrap the fabric too tightly, as this may cause a headache or uncomfortable sensations. Be careful not to pull or twist along hair with the fabric. Regardless of which method of how to tie African head wraps you employ, don’t do it while your tresses are still wet, as doing so traps moisture, which encourages infections or bacterial growth. You may not be able to get a flawless outcome on your first try. Keep practicing until you're satisfied with your handiwork.


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