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how to tie Christmas bows

how to tie Christmas bows

There are many techniques on how to tie Christmas bows depending on the needs.  There are bows for gifts, table centerpieces, banquet setup accessories, Christmas tree decors and more.  It can even make a big difference hanging it just in front of your door just like a Christmas wreath. Here are some instructions to form the bow and some considerations to undertake for making that Christmas bow special:

  1. Match the design of your ribbon with the size of the gift box you are attaching it to. Color-coordination with the gift wrapper is a must. There are distinctions if the recipient is male or female. Colors and designs must go along with it.

  2. Have enough of a supply of ribbons for the intended design. Package bows normally use up around 45 inches of ribbon per bow. This is for simple designs with a long tail already. Buy more ribbon if you opt for elaborate designs or if you are merging two or more ribbons in one box.

  3. Allow at least six inches in length for each tail of the bow.

    ark the spot using your left thumb and forefinger. The other six inches of ribbon for the second tail must be folded by your right hand. It should create a three-inch loop that ends at your left thumb and forefinger.

  4. The loop must be secured by your left thumb and forefinger, and all the loops that will follow after that will be locked temporarily that way.

  5. The second loop must be identical with the first one that is made from the next six inches of ribbon. The two loops are now opposite each other the same as the tails.

  6. Make another set of opposing loops but from a longer piece of ribbon around eight inches long. This should make at least a four-inch loop for every eight inches of ribbon. You will need two of these loops. The folding of these loops must be upwards and not downwards same as the rest of the loops that will come after that.

  7. Do the same procedures to make two, four and one-half inch loops from nine inches’ length of ribbon.

  8. Make two more additional five-inch loops using ten inches’ length of ribbon each. The procedures will be the same.

  9. Have a 20-inch piece of floral wire ready in between your left thumb and all the ribbon loops you have made. Each side of the ribbon bundle must have an equal size of wire.

  10. Bring the floral wires equally together at the back of the bow using your right hand. You can do this by twisting them for four or five times. Use the remaining wire to attach the bow to the gift box or package. You can also conceal the ends by cutting and folding the ends until it lies flat. You can then use double-sided tape to attach the bow to the package.

  11. Adjust the fuzz of the bow loops according to your preference. You can make it more relaxed or even more expanded. You can mark the end of your tied bow by cutting the tails of your ribbon diagonally or whatever suits your taste.

There are other methods how to tie Christmas bows, but the comprehensive directions above explain how you will do the most common Christmas bow. People will be surprised to know that you made them yourself. There’s no big distinction from store-bought bows. You can even make them more special by adding some twists to the basic directions. The good thing when tying your own bow is that you can make it your way.


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