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how to tie dye sheets

how to tie dye sheets

When you come across the term “tie dye,” you may picture wonderful and colorful patterns. Technically, “tie dye” is a term that refers to the process of resist dyeing, which is common in certain kinds of textile or clothing. Nowadays, people find that this technique is most applicable to cotton fabrics. Because the patterns are so pleasing to the eye, many people want to learn how to tie dye sheets. You use this process on different kinds of items. For example, try it on your shirts, curtains and linens. The bigger the canvas, the more patterns you can make. Below are the steps on how to tie-dye sheets. These steps essentially remain the same when dealing with other fabrics.

  1. Secure your materials. You will need the sheet that you will be dyeing, the desired shades of dye, gloves, squeeze bottles, a plastic bag and a bucket.

  2. Preparing the dye will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. You can use a bucket to mix the necessary items. After preparing them, pour the dye into a squeeze bottles based on colors.

    would make things easier when it is time to dye your sheets.

  3. Now, it is time to prepare the sheet. If you have a new sheet, you should wash it at least twice to remove any protective substances present. If you have an old sheet, make sure it is made of an absorbent fabric so the dye can easily penetrate it.

  4. Now, you must twist the fabric to produce the tie dye effect. Spread the sheet over a flat surface. Make sure that you line that surface with a protective plastic sheet to avoid stains.

  5. Locate a focal point where you want the design to originate. It can be on the side or middle. When you have decided on the location, gather a small amount of the fabric and hold onto it. You can also secure it with a pin or rubber band.

  6. While holding that focal point, go around the fabric until it forms a swirl. Gently guide the sides to follow the swirl pattern that you are creating.

  7. You should have a circular shaped sheet with a swirl pattern. It’s time to put on the colors. It is best to have two to three colors so that it won’t be too messy looking. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands. Starting with the darkest color, squeeze out the dye from the center of the circle and just follow the swirl. Apply another color. following the initial swirl. Do this with the rest of the colors.

  8. By this time, the sheet needs to batch or set up. Put it inside a plastic bag and leave it there for five days. Make sure that you leave it in a cool place so it doesn’t dry up too fast.

  9. After setting it for five days, rinse the sheet using cold water. Rinse it until you see that the water turns fairly clear.

  10. Unfold the sheet and hang it to dry.

  11. After this, your newly cool and colorful tie dyed sheet is ready for use.

The best part when tie dyeing your sheets is that you have many design options. You can experiment with color combinations and swirl patterns. Once you have learned the basics of how to tie dye sheets, the possibilities are endless.


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