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how to tone the upper arms

how to tone the upper arms

When you say you want to tone a certain part of your body, it simply means that you want it to be more firm and well shaped. Now, there are a lot of people that find this important aside from the actual trimming down of your body. Aside from the cardiovascular workouts and other kinds of exercises, there is really a different set if you want to tone a certain body part. Here, learning how to tone the upper arms will be discussed by showing some simple and effective steps and tips. In anatomy, our upper arm consists of the famous triceps and biceps muscles. Many men would want to have their upper arms toned to show off their muscles. Same with women; they will want to look good when wearing those sleeveless blouses or halter tops. Hence, there are aids in achieving those gorgeous, upper arms. Toning your upper arms has many choices. It’s really up to you to mix and match according to your body’s response to the exercise. Also, make sure that you are enjoying what you’re doing. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Bicep curls are probably one of the most common upper arm exercises.

    l you need is a set of weights. Now, make sure that you are using an amount consistent with what you can carry. Never overdo it because it can lead to muscle strains and injuries. Now, when you have your ideal weights with you; hold them and lift them just right in front of your body making it reach near your shoulders. Make your elbow the center of it all. You can feel the tension building in your arms after repeating this a few times.

  2. Push-ups may be a little overrated when it comes to exercise, but they are very effective in toning your upper arms. Push-ups can be hard for beginners as you will lift your entire body with your arms. The first thing that you have to do is to position your body on the ground (with your body facing the floor). Now, put both your hands just beside your shoulders. Make sure that your toes are pointed towards the floor so that your legs are not completely resting on the floor. Now, gently push your body up by using your arm strength. Inhale while doing that. Then, upon exhaling, go back to the first position. Doing this repeatedly will definitely help you tone your arms.

  3. Chin-ups are also one way of toning both your triceps and biceps at the same time. In doing this, you will need a pull bar that you can reach and is strong enough to handle your weight. Face the bar and hold it firmly with your two hands. Pull yourself up so that you are able to reach the bar. Make sure that your chin reaches the bar. When that happens, slowly lower yourself down. Again, repetition is the key to any toning exercises.

  4. Now, the triceps’ kickbacks can be a little tricky, but they are very helpful. Weights are also necessary in this kind of exercise so make sure you have them. With your left hand, hold a weight while your right knee and right hand are on the bench. Keep your posture straight and relax. Now, lift your weight and move it towards the ceiling. Make sure that your hand reaches the point where it becomes straight. Afterwards, go back to the original position. Try to repeat this set as many times as you can until you can feel the tension in your arm. Do the same with your other arm.

Toning your upper arms can be really a challenge, but learning it the right way makes it easier. Knowing the proper steps on how to tone you upper arms can help you reach that goal. Feel good and comfortable with toned and firm upper arms by doing these steps religiously. Good luck and have fun!


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