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how to trace SMS messages

how to trace SMS messages

The reason for knowing how to trace SMS messages is to ensure that you have actually sent your message to the intended recipient. Alternatively, you may want to store your messages using another service tool so that your mobile phone is not loaded with so many SMSs. If your message inbox and outbox folders are almost full, you might find it harder to manage them. Perhaps there are a number of important text messages that you want to keep and preserve over time. If any of these items happens to be your concern, then let us discuss some tips that can help you trace the activities of your cell phone.

  1. Use your phone to track if your message was successfully sent. After you have sent a message to a particular recipient, notice that the phone will revert to the main setting. Scroll down to the “Messages” folder and press the “Ok” key. Scroll down further to the “Outbox” or “Sent items” folder and press the “Ok” key.

    In the Outbox, scroll again to highlight the SMS you wish to trace and press the “Ok” key.

    Option” key to see the particulars of the message. Open the “Message info” folder for details such as what time you sent the message, the mobile phone number of the recipient, and at what time said recipient received the SMS message.

  2. Use Google voice. This is a 3rd party SMS-management client tool offered by Google for free. This tool will allow you to trace, maintain, and keep your online SMS messages, which you can actually view anytime.

    Your mobile phone number must be linked to the 3rd party SMS-management client tool. In that way, you can conveniently keep track of the messages received on your computer. All messages received by your phone can be stored like email messages for you to inspect each time you successfully log on to the internet.

  3. Use the Mobile Spy program. Before you can use this program for tracing SMS messages on a cell phone, you need to buy it from Mobile Spy’s site. Last year, it was available for only $50 or less. When purchasing, provide the number of the cell phone you wish to trace. After that, create an account with Mobile Spy so that you can gain access to the SMS messages on the mobile phone number you provided.

    A link will be sent to the phone number, which you will have to download. Click the link and you will receive a few prompts which you must follow in order to successfully download Mobile Spy. Upon completion of the download process, log into the account you made earlier to view the tracked SMS messages and other activities of the given cell phone number.

  4. Try the My Mobile Watchdog program. Log into the official My Mobile Watchdog site and buy the program. The cost is around $10 or less. When placing your order, you will be required to key in the number of the mobile phone you wish to track.

    In a short while, a link will be received by the specified cell phone. Just follow the link to download the program. Create your online My Mobile Watchdog account. Once the program is fully activated on the phone, just log into your online account and view all of the SMS messages received and sent by the number you are trying to trace.

  5. The Spy-bubble program is another good option. On the Spy-bubble site, purchase the program for $60 or less and you can start your tracking activity, which includes not only SMS messages but also phone calls. You need to create a separate account with the company’s site because it is in that account that the tracked activities will be delivered for your perusal.

    Before you can download the Spy-bubble program to your mobile phone, the phone must first be enabled via the web. The purpose of this is to allow the program to run on the mobile phone, which will probably take a little while. The moment the downloading process is done, the tracking process will commence instantly. So as not to alert anyone that the program is attached on the phone, no Spy-bubble icon appears on phone’s screen.

    At this time, you can log into your Spy-bubble account and begin reviewing all activities on the cell phone number you are tracking. Every activity performed on the cell phone shall be recorded into your account.

Short message service (SMS) is one of the many services offered by mobile phone, websites, and telecommunications companies. Around 2.4 billion people across the globe now actively use the SMS feature on their mobile phone subscription. If you are one of them, then you had better choose which one of the tips above on how to trace SMS messages is applicable to you.


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