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How to Track Text Messages on Cell Phones

How to Track Text Messages on Cell Phones

Cell phones nowadays are becoming more of a necessity rather than just a luxury. It has become the main form of communication all over the world. Before phones were mainly used to call, but now they can do a whole host of tasks. For many, text messaging is the preferred form of contact. So you may even want to learn how to track messages on cell phones. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to track text messages. Mostly for parents, it is about their child’s safety. Although it can be termed as an invasion of privacy, it is still a good way for parents to check up on their kids. Another reason could be that you are expecting important messages and you can’t recognize the number so you want to look up the sender’s information. Lastly, it could just be for the sake of knowing. There will be times when receiving messages from an unknown number can be frustrating. So here are some steps you can take to find out the mystery senders.

  1. You can try and use a reverse directory online. Most likely you will be asked to enter the unknown number.

    en the site will try to find general information about it, such as the service provider and the city. But if you want more detailed information, you have to be willing to pay.

  2. Tracking text messages through different search engines like Google or Yahoo can also be done. Just type in the 10-digit number and perform a search. Normally, it will give you general information like the directories online.

  3. Cell phone tracking services and tracking software can also be a big help, especially for parents who want to track their kids’ phones. You will have to find an online cell phone tracking agency and install specific software onto the cell phone to help you achieve that goal. If this is successful, you will be able to track both incoming and outgoing messages. Some details like SMS records, call logs, and location are available online for you to check anytime. Mobile Spy, Safety Web, and My Mobile Watchdog are just some of the software that can help you do all these.

  4. You can also consult your local service provider. If you have legitimate reason as to why you want certain number tracked, most service providers will definitely help you in that regard, especially if the messages are threats, foul messages, and the like.

  5. If the situation goes too far, certain law enforcement agencies can definitely help you investigate. A police report should be obtained stating the reason and any supporting messages as evidence. The police have advanced equipment that can track any numbers.

Whatever the reason maybe, knowing how to track text messages on cell phones can be crucial. Basically, safety is the main concern for parents who want to access their kid’s cell phone information. So if you have some concerns in relation to any unknown text messages, these tips will certainly help you find solutions.


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