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How to Train a Basset Hound

How to Train a Basset Hound

Basset hounds are popularly known as “hush puppies.” They are short but have the incredible ability to track scents. The Basset hound is different from other tough breeds because its owner does not need to act superior. How to train a Basset hound is a little tricky but challenging. These directions should be invaluable:

  1. Be a natural leader. A Basset hound does not respond well to an authoritative and harsh handler. Unlike other dog breeds, they need a role model to imitate. Be gentle and kind if you want it to behave that way. It will be more obedient when you are naturally good-natured.

  2. Use a lot of verbal praises rather than treats. Basset hounds can progress easily with positive corroborations. You can motivate it just by being happy and warm while petting it. It may sometimes refuse to obey commands if the perceived reward is not given. It is wiser than you think. Offer treats it can’t refuse occasionally when it accomplishes something major. Perhaps not just toys, but playing with it outdoors will do the trick.


  3. Begin training in a quiet and fragrance-free place. Basset hounds are a challenge to train in aromatic venues because they have sensitive noses. These distractions will steal your pet’s focus. Find a place in the house or in the backyard where you can get hold of its full attention. Once you beat this challenge, you will have an excellent guard for the family also. Let it track a scent once in a while to enhance its tracking abilities.

  4. Set up a short period of training every day. The hound can easily get bored with long training sessions. Design a short but precise training program. Follow it with running and playing with balls after the training sessions. This is a good exercise for the dog to prevent it from gaining too much weight. Spending time playing with it is like hitting two birds at a time – it’s for fun and for obedience training.

  5. Continue training until the Basset hound’s manners become refined. A lot of patience is required to become a successful dog trainer. Love your dog and nurture it with the best care.  Never lose your temper if it becomes stubborn. Instead, be calm but firm in correcting its mistakes.

  6. Refer your Basset hound to a professional trainer if you are a busy owner. They are available in most parts of America. Referrals from dog-related establishments are worth investigating to make the most of your money.

  7. Teach it some tricks appropriate for its age. A Basset hound should not be too young or too old to learn something new – although younger dogs are more manageable, especially when potty training. Advance to more difficult training sessions based on its progress. Remember that it can learn faster from a friendly and gentle trainer. As its master, you will garner a lot of respect from your dog if you do not stress it out.

Basset hounds are not aggressive and they are good companions when you win their trust.  They look vulnerable, but they can be excellent house guards. There are more methods on how to train a Basset hound, but refer to the above guidelines to start this worthwhile task.


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