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How to Train a Beagle Puppy

How to Train a Beagle Puppy

When you choose a beagle for a pet, it is best to train it while it is still young. Beagles are smart and friendly dogs, and so learning how to train a beagle puppy will surely be fun and easy. Start at the moment it sets foot at your home, but do not be harsh on it as punishment simply won’t work with this breed. You will just scare it and make it stubborn. Here are some suggestions you can try:

  1. Provide a convenient, permanent place for beagles to do their thing, preferably outside the house. They will not take to it right away, but constant repetition will make them remember to go to this designated place whenever they feel like it. Keep it clean all the time so your puppy won’t have any reason not to use it. Give recognition to your beagle every time it achieves something, for instance when it begins to squat at the designated place. Give it food treats or stroke its back and give it words of admiration as a reward. Potty training is very important.

  2. Put your beagle on a leash when you go to open spaces to avoid losing it.

    t is also important to have a fenced yard. Securing the place will assure you that your beagle puppy can’t go beyond your compound and escape. Beagles usually get careless when they are tracking a scent. So they may not heed the cars passing by. Beagles are very active dogs. They are hunters and have a keen sense of smell. They will follow an inviting scent to wherever it leads them - unmindful of whether they have already gone too far.

  3. Keep them occupied with exercise and playtime to prevent depression and subsequent howling. Beagles need to exercise for at least half an hour every day. This also helps to prevent them from becoming overweight. Overweight dogs are unhealthy and prone to various diseases. Exercising them until they are tired is also a trick to ensure they don’t have the energy to make too much mischief. They will be easy to put to sleep when it is bed time as they will already be tired from exercise and from being active for the whole day.

  4. Get your beagle puppy used to human activities like riding a car, listening to music, watching television and being friendly and interactive with your household members. Beagles are very friendly and they are good for kids to play with. Just don’t leave them alone with very young kids as they get very playful and tend to move on impulse. This could scare a young child. Beagles can get very excited, and sometimes that sends them out of control.

  5. Conduct the beagle’s training for not more than ten to fifteen minutes per session because a beagle puppy’s tolerance level is relatively short. As they are fun-loving dogs, make the atmosphere happy, not stiff, when you are training them. Enjoy the activities with them. This will make them more natural and relaxed. Beagles are smart creatures. Teaching them properly and exerting an effort can help them to learn fast.

Beagles live to the age of twelve to fifteen years. So knowing how to train a beagle puppy can give you lots of benefits. Win their trust and their love as these pets are very affectionate pets. Maintaining them is not big trouble as they do not need much grooming. They do not even need to take a bath every day. Their hair is not long but it is best to comb through it to make sure that no parasites are feeding on them or sticking to them.


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