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How to Train a Bichon Frise

How to Train a Bichon Frise

A good training method is the key to enjoy a pet like Bichon Frise. Bichon Frises are affectionate and playful dogs. They are mostly pick pet by children because of their cuddly looks and enticing soft white coat. Though their good behavior is greatly influenced by how they are trained by their owners. If you desire to own one of them, get through reading the following method on how to train a bichon frise.

  1. Allow your dog to get acquainted with other breeds and people. Bichon frises are normally fearful to strangers. Sometimes because of that fear, they tend to struggle or misbehave. To overcome this negative trait, make sure that you have ample time to bring the dog to the park or take it outside the house - and have a short walk in the morning or enjoy the cool breeze during late afternoon. In due course, the Bichon will show cheerfulness playing and running with you even in public places.

  2. Establish its potty training schedule. Housebreaking is the most essential part of its training. Set up a routine and make sure you are disciplined enough time to follow the schedule religiously.

    Initially, it truly needs devotion and patience to be successful in this task. As the puppy grows up and getting used to following its routine, you can relax and enjoy a well-behaved Bichon.

  3. Make its crating time enjoyable. Crating a dog is not at all a punishment. Once you take home a young pup, introduce it to its crate right away. Let the dog recognize that its crate is its bedroom with all the nice things it needs. Toys, warm mat, water and food bowls are the basic things to make its crate cozy.

  4. Instill doable discipline and easy commands. Call the dog while saying “out to potty” and lead it to go outside to go potty. If the dog did a wonderful job, praise it like “good job!” and lovingly pat its back.  Command it to go back to its crate upon uttering “crate time”. If the dog barks without any reason, correct it right away by saying “stop barking or no barking”. Once it stops barking bring out your enticing treat.

  5. Repetition and positive reinforcement are important components of dog training. Once you have introduced some basic commands, keep repeating the same commands for the procedure in the same tune of voice but with firmness. In the long run, the dog will gradually understand that you are its leader. Your Bichon will always look up to you and obey your commands. Just be consistent with your ways. Avoid being harsh if it sometimes unable to understand you or when it fails to reach its potty area.

  6. Encourage your Bichon with treats and praises for every job well done. Rewarding your dog with surprising treats is a big factor to consider while teaching it with basic obedience commands. Make the treat more fun and thrilling – you can prepare your own recipes from a tiny treat to a bigger size delicacy using the ingredients of its favorite food. You can then reward it according to the greatness of its accomplishment.  This technique will surely motivate it to continue the good traits. A warm hug is also very meaningful to your dog so, take every opportunity to do this.

Bichon Frise is indeed a happy and warm-hearted dog that your family will truly enjoy. Be kind to it and it will completely trust you. Take the lead and your Bichon will gladly follow you. There’s no doubt that the above tips on how to train a Bichon frise will be helpful to you.


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