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How to Train a Boston Terrier

How to Train a Boston Terrier

Having a Boston terrier as a pet at home can be a very pleasant experience.  They are noted to be very active dogs.  Although they are indoor dogs, they also need exercise like walking or running around just like other breeds to keep them fit. They are small in size and are highly recommended as pets for children and the elderly. Here are some valuable tips on how to train a Boston terrier:

  1. As Boston Terriers are smart dogs, it is very easy to train them. A few repetitions of what you want to teach them to do—like potty training and some tricks— will suffice. It will not take very long for them to master your lessons. They are happy pets and you seldom see them at a standstill.  They are definitely vain.  They will not want their environment to be dirty, so don’t expect them to intentionally make a mess.

  2. Boston Terriers are highly emotional.  Shouting at them will not work and it will be to your disadvantage.  You have to be careful with your tone of voice. You can be authoritative but not angry.

    show anger to your Boston terriers, surely you can experience some stubbornness when you teach them.  They will become uncooperative and others will skip a meal or may become less playful. Funny as it may seem, you need to befriend your pets and show some care to bring things back to normal after you displease them.

  3. This breed of indoor, little dogs is relatively friendly.  There should be no problem making them interact with other pets you might have at home.  They are playful and simply adorable and will make good playmates for young children.  Appearance wise, they look quite flat with short hair, in contrast to other terriers that are sharper in appearance with long flocks. But for sure, they are still cute beings.

  4. Rewards work well in training Boston Terriers. It is a motivation for them so they strive harder to impress you and get more treats. Rewards can come in the form of petting, treats, toys, praises or simply hugs. But then again, they have mood swings too, and even if they know the right thing to do, they simply don’t cooperate. They are stubborn at times, depending on their mood, but basically they are friendly and manageable dogs. Training them will surely make them behave better.

  5. When training your Boston terrier for the first few times, it is best not to have many distractions. A noisy environment can distract them a great deal. Make your training area is clean, silent and with a friendly atmosphere. As easy recall is mandatory, make your instructions simple at first and make sure they are consistent. Your other home companions should also use the same commands as you to avoid confusing your pets.

It is funny how a man sometimes prefers a dog as a household companion over a fellow human being. It is because dogs are proven to be loyal and affectionate – plus, they will continue to win your heart over time. They can recognize people, especially those who give love and care to them. They are often treated as family members and not mainly as pets. Enjoy becoming more knowledgeable on how to train a Boston terrier. This will only benefit you. No wonder that there were millionaires in the past who made their dogs their heirs - to make sure that their appointed trustees will continue in taking care of their precious confidants.


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