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How to Train a Bull Terrier

How to Train a Bull Terrier

A Bull Terrier is a breed of mixes as it is a cross between the Bulldog and the Old English Terrier with a little bit of the Spanish Pointer. The dog is innately affectionate, sweet and friendly and enjoys the love he gets from his human companions. Although the dog is lively and fun-loving, he can also exhibit laziness, stubbornness and become extremely quiet. Learning how to train a Bull Terrier should come into the picture to deter him from these traits and behaviors. The tips provided below may be helpful in training your Bull Terrier.

  1. Let him know who the boss is. One way to get rid of the stubbornness and willfulness of your dog is to let him know that you are above him. He needs to follow you because you are the leader of the pack. This is the first rule in training so that you can get your pet to obey you and listen to your commands.

  2. Always be persistent, consistent and patient during trainings. A Bull Terrier dog that is not constantly trained at a young age may exhibit stubbornness.

    Although no successful training will happen overnight, you must take courage in the fact that it can be done. You only have to be consistent and persistent in doing the task. In due time, you will see the benefits of the work you have done, especially when your lovable pet shows that he has understood your instructions.

  3. Housebreaking training is a must. When the dog is brought to the house, he needs to feel that he is welcome and accepted into the home. You can give him a tour of the house and show him his bed so he can become familiar with his new environment. While you are at it, show your dog his poop place where he can eliminate after every meal and when he wakes up and before he goes to bed.

  4. Exercise with your dog.  Bull Terriers are known for being playful, energetic and fun loving. He can be so hyperactive at times that he needs some place to divert his bursts of energy. Giving him a good exercise routine like walking him to the park each day will help stretch his bones and muscles. In between the normal training sessions, make sure that you engage the dog with playtime that he will enjoy.

  5. Let your dog socialize with humans and other pets. A Bull Terrier is capable of being friendly and interactive with his human companions. He can also deal quite well with other pets. It will be good for him to be in their company for a few minutes everyday day to play and have fun. On the contrary, if you isolate and confine the Bull Terrier, he may develop traits such as aggressiveness and dominance, which will only lead to further behavioral problems.

  6. Positivity will work wonders on your dog. After every good deed or after following a command, be generous with your praises and rewards to your dog. Not only does he deserve them, they will encourage him to do better the next time.

How to train a Bull Terrier is a must-know for every pet owner. You will only enjoy having him around if he does not provide you with a headache, but rather a good friend and companion.


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