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How to Train a Bulldog Puppy

How to Train a Bulldog Puppy

It was four hundred years ago that bulldogs were bred to draw the much stronger bulls into barns. Since bull fights diminish as time progresses, the existence of bulldogs is becoming more based on luxury rather than necessity. How to train a bulldog puppy requires some skills – because of their independent and easy going characteristics. Here are the ways:

  1. Do not start the training without a suitable collar for your bulldog. Consider that bulldogs have bigger heads and their necks are much thicker due to excess skin or folds. This will help in restraining your puppy when its stubborn nature hinders your intentions.

  2. Provide an exclusive place for it. It can be a crate or a secluded corner with all the things it needs to be comfortable like toys and a blanket. Lure the dog there with a treat the first time. Allow it to sit there for a while and do that often every day, but let it stay longer every time. One day, you’ll be surprised to find the bulldog in its crate by itself.

  3. Choose a section of your lawn for the bulldog’s toilet.

    will remember to go back there again every time it feels like unloading because its urine smell will serve as a marker – if you don’t keep on moving the spot.

  4. Set a standard feeding schedule for your puppy. It will want to go to the toilet right after filling its stomach, so this will also make its potty activities consistent. Give it enough food, but do not allow it to get overfed or toileting will be unpredictable.

  5. Expose your bulldog to other pets, people, places and circumstances. This can make your pet more sociable. You can have a walk in the park together with your neighbor who also has a pet dog. You can visit a friend with your dog and allow it to mingle slowly with other dogs while you are catching up with your friend.

  6. Encourage your puppy to behave properly. This is achievable through obedience training. It’s admirable seeing a dog following the simplest command such as ‘sit’ or ‘stay.’ You can always add more commands as soon as your dog masters what you have taught it. Do this with a reward system to let your intelligent puppy learn more.

  7. Do not give physically demanding commands to your young bulldog. They are vulnerable to genetic conditions and their joints are weak. Once it gets used to following your commands, you can teach it new things without bribing it. Just teach it appropriate commands according to its age to avoid injuries.

Allocate only a few minutes on how to train a bulldog puppy. You cannot retain the interest of your puppy for a long period of time. It will be impossible insisting on the training when you are just ignored by your pet. It will be exhausting on your part. If you start training it at a young age, your bulldog will not only be easy to live with but also “fun” to spend time with.


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