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How to Train a Chihuahua Puppy

How to Train a Chihuahua Puppy

Training requires patience. It takes a significant amount of time before you see positive results. A young puppy will take time to understand commands. Therefore, it needs to be treated with delicate care and affection. As soon as you have made the puppy your own, train it to be the dog you want it to be - a full-grown dog’s good manners are the result of its master’s hard work. Here are some helpful tips on how to train a Chihuahua puppy.

  1. Structure a training activity plan before deciding to take home a young Chihuahua. This will secure the well-being of the puppy once it is in your possession. Choose a good quality breed to lessen your headaches when training it. Study its nature and temperament. Limit yourself to puppies bred by reliable pedigree breeders. Once the puppy is settled in your home, start the training. Don’t give it a hard time during the initial stages of the training.

  2. Start introducing basic commands that will be useful for the puppy’s daily activities. For example, make your puppy respond to you by saying “Come” as you distance yourself.

    u do this, make sure to clap your hands as a “Come here” gesture. Don’t change the tone of your voice for this command, even if you use it in different places or circumstances. This will help the puppy to associate the action with the tone or command.

  3. Stop the dog’s bad habits right away. Chihuahuas like biting, nipping and barking for no reason. Saying “No” in a modulated voice will be more effective than giving longer commands. The louder than normal sound will warn the puppy that it has done something wrong. The sound will also catch the puppy’s attention if it is busy, and it will try to stop to listen. Just be consistent and take your time to keep practicing this command. Do not spank or hurt your dog in any way. Cruelty will make it distant. Besides, an ill-treated puppy will grow up with a bad temperament.

  4. Prepare for rigorous potty training. A puppy needs to be confined while being taught to go potty in the proper place. Put its potty outside the house, but make sure it is accessible from its crate. The puppy needs to visit its potty every 20 minutes. The Chihuahua has a small bladder and cannot avoid peeing for too long. Guide it to its potty every 20 minutes. Do the same after every meal, and after nap time. Dogs do not want to sleep in the area where they go potty. So it will eventually leave its crate and try to sniff its way to the designated toilet. Continue the program until it becomes the puppy’s regular routine even without you.

  5. Play with your puppy while it is learning for maximum affectivity. Going outside to enjoy running and playing is ideal for a Chihuahua. Add obedience commands to the puppy’s training as its ability progresses. Complicated commands can be taught by playing some games. You may use a toy to entice the puppy while calling it to play outside. The toy could be its favorite ball or a rubber bone. Once the puppy sees these things, it will realize that it’s playtime. Don’t let any good behavior pass by without showing your dog your appreciation. Be generous in providing it with treats. Surprisingly, this provides good motivation to this special dog.

These tips on how to train a Chihuahua puppy may be ordinary, but if you are authoritative enough, your puppy should develop the discipline to obey these commands. You should try them before venturing into using extraordinary methods.


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