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How to Train a Cocker Spaniel Puppy

How to Train a Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Charming, sweet, gentle yet submissive to her human companion’s commands are just some of the words that describe this favorite household pet. A Cocker Spaniel has a sturdy square body with a long, yet, wavy silky coat. The coat on the head and face are short. This may be trimmed when it start to bother the eyes and face of the dog. The muzzle is broad while the ears are nice and floppy and covered with hair. The eyes are round and dark. The adorable face and stature of the Cocker Spaniel will surely draw attention, love and care from you. As a companion to the dog, you always want to have with you a well-rounded and good mannered dog. You can only achieve this by learning how to train a Cocker Spaniel puppy. This breed is not hard to train, although it is of average intelligence. She can pick up and learn quickly from you. Here are few pet training tips:

  1. Start early. A puppy that is between eight to 12 months can start learning simple training instructions. This is the best time to start giving her lessons on good behavior since she has not yet been exposed to other kinds of behavior.

    When she is ready, take her to a quieter place where both of you can concentrate. Learning will be faster when she is able to give you her full attention.

    Patiently and consistently work with her. Whether you are training her where to potty (this can be a headache at times) or to come to you on command, do not expect her to immediately learn what you are trying to teach her. Patience and consistency are the keys to training your puppy.

  2. As a way of consistency, use only one word when instructing your pet. You can use the word ‘sit’ during sit on command sessions, ‘come’ to come near you, ‘no’ when what he is doing is not appropriate, ‘out’ when it is time to potty outside. These words will be easier for your puppy to remember and she will be able to associate them with the correct action.

  3. Exercise with her. As you go along with your daily routine such as walking either to the park or around your neighborhood, you should take your Cocker Spaniel puppy with you. She needs this as an outlet for her abundant stamina, energy and strength. As you take her to exercise, always remember that she should be either beside you or behind you. Do not let her lead the way as she may think that she is more dominant than you.

  4. Allow them to socialize. A Cocker Spaniel can be very friendly with other pets and children. You do not have to worry when you have her around babies as she can be very gentle with them. Let her play with the other pets in your home while you lavish and generously shower her with your love.

  5. Never punish the puppy physically. This will not get you or your dog anywhere. Spanking, shouting and hurting your dog will only keep them away from you. What they need is positive reinforcement such as kind words and praises, pampering time or her favorite snack.

How to train a Cocker Spaniel puppy is easy yet time consuming. As long as you consistently provide for her daily needs, you will always have a lovable pet with you.


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