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How to Train a Dalmatian

How to Train a Dalmatian

White colored-skin with black spots is the popular description of this dog breed, which became famous after the release of the animated film ’101 Dalmatians.’ Contrary to the misconception that people have about Dalmatians, a Dalmatian is an intelligent dog who can be tamed and trained. The techniques and ways on how to train a Dalmatian should help you accomplish the task and help your dog become the fun-loving, energetic and lovable pet that he is. The job may sound daunting and may take forever; however, it can be done if you invest time and resources while you work on it. Here are a few helpful and useful tips you can follow to bring out the best behavior in your Dalmatian:

  1. The puppy stage is always the right time to start. When you bring the Dalmatian puppy home, you may give him some time to grow a little bigger and older before starting your training. As soon as he develops basic understanding and is comfortable with his environment and the people around him, you may start with simple training sessions. The earlier the training sessions are given, the more responsive the dog will be and the more you will be able to sharpen his behavior.


  2. Consistency and patience should be your ultimate dog-training companion. No training will ever happen overnight, no matter how intelligent your dog is. The length of your patience while working with your dog will determine the success of the training. It does not matter if you are training at a slower pace than you would like it to so long as the dog is improving with each training session. The entire household, or whoever comes in contact with the dog, also needs to be consistent with whatever you are teaching the dog. Using different ways of training may only confuse the dog.

  3. Obedience training is a must. Before starting your obedience training with the Dalmatian, he has to acknowledge you as his master and leader of the pack. Being the leader, you should not allow him to get away with whenever he pleases to. Actions as simple as following you while you lead is already a sign of obedience.

  4. Obedience training must also be accompanied with firmness, and you have to mean what you say. A ‘no’ to an unwanted behavior should be a ‘no’ at all times.

  5. Keep training sessions short. The attention span of a dog is short; you should not keep him long enough that he loses interest in you. If you must, break the training sessions into short spans and intervals throughout the day. Five to 10 minutes of obedience training for a few days will work best for your dog.

Remember that a Dalmatian is an intelligent dog and you do not have to repeat a single instruction you give over and over again. He will understand what you are asking him to do even when you only say it once in a firm manner. You should know that the development and behavior of your dog will depend on the extent of how you train a Dalmatian. As a dog owner, you will always want the best for your dog, which will include shaping and forming him to be the obedient and respectful dog that he is capable of becoming.


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