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How to Train a Doberman

How to Train a Doberman

A Doberman dog belongs to a highly intelligent breed. When handled properly, they can perform extremely well, and they are very loyal to their owners. However, if you are a new dog handler, you must study the perfect approach on how to train a Doberman. Being “in control” should be your goal from the very start. Here are some helpful training tips:

  1. Take dominion over the Doberman. They are normally aggressive when not properly trained. Show it that you are stronger by being firm in your commands. Do not be timid or you will surely encounter a lot of headaches. Involve your whole family in the process of raising the dog.  Once your Doberman recognizes you and all the members of your family as its “masters,” you can easily get along with it.

  2. Correct its unacceptable behavior at once. Start to crate train a young puppy and teach it the housebreaking rules at same time. At first, it may whine or cry, but do not take it out from its crate until it stops whining.  If it barks without any reason, command it to “stop” with your firm and loud voice.

    know that if it wants something it needs to be calm. In the same manner, introduce its potty time and litter area. Set up its litter area outside the house. Just make sure to manage its housebreaking schedule so it follows a predictable routine. If it accidentally litters, be firm but not mean. Pick the dog up right away and take it to its potty area.

  3. Make sure it socializes on a daily basis. A Doberman is timid when not exposed to people and other dogs. They sometimes become overprotective of their masters and will cause undesirable commotions. Set up a daily schedule for walking and playing outside your area. You may go to the park and allow it to mingle with other people and other dog breeds. Make sure that it is on a secured leash. You can instill some basic commands at the same time. Do not allow it to walk before you - the dog must follow you so that you maintain your leadership role.

  4. Prepare different kinds of treats. Being generous with your treats while training is very effective. You may prepare treats in various sizes to match them with the accomplishments of your dog. No matter how simple the commands are, maintain eye contact with it. Command it to sit while showing it your treat. If it successfully follows your command, be cheerful in giving it the treat at once and gently pat its back while uttering “good boy.” Repeat the same process when introducing other commands. Be patient and consistent.

  5. Support your Doberman with lots of understanding, love and care.  Positive reinforcements are crucial to making a Doberman behave. Always maintain a happy voice when delivering praises. The dog is a keen learner, and it doesn’t need too much training in a day’s time. You may go through some tough days during training, but you will be amazed with the dog’s behavioral progress.

How to train a Doberman is a very rewarding mission. A well trained Doberman is a confident and loyal guard. Never mind the difficulties because nothing can compare to having a Doberman at home.


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