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How to Train a Doberman Pinscher

How to Train a Doberman Pinscher

Even for dogs, looks can be deceiving. The solid black and brown skin color of a Doberman pinscher, his long muzzle, straightly erect ears and eyes are enough to frighten people who pass him. However, you need to show them how wrong their impressions are because this square shaped dog is very intelligent, friendly, and obedient.  Faced with the task, training a Doberman pinscher will not be hard. The dogs possess great strength, attentiveness, alertness and stamina. Although this dog loves to get all the attention and care he can from you, as a human companion you need to instill in him that you are over and above him.  You need to lead the pack and not the other way around. Few of the simple tips you can follow during training are:

  1. Early stage training. The age of the dog when you start training matters. This determines what kind of dog you will be instructing. The earlier you start training him, the more obedience you will draw out from him. Wait too late in training and you can find yourself in care of a puppy which poops around the house, chews on shoe laces and bark noisily without end.

    ust like with children, early puppy training is essential for an obedient adult dog.

    A Doberman pinscher is capable of being a guard to watch over your home and a friend that accompanies you on your walks to the park. This is provided that he is trained well. Ideally this should start as soon as he is brought home and able to understand training instructions.

  2. Training your puppy requires patience and perseverance. Although the Doberman pinscher is a very smart breed, training him to follow you, sit on your command, come to you when he is called or poop at the appropriate place will not happen overnight or in one click of a finger. You have to be consistent, persistent and patient when training him to do even the smallest thing. An hour of training a day with one skill for a period of time until he exhibits this correctly will help him understand and learn faster. As much as possible, be gentle yet firm during training sessions and involve the rest of the family. If you teach the dog one thing, do not allow another person to teach him another trick during the session as this may confuse the dog.

  3. Be generous with your positive praise and never punish. When your Doberman pinscher accomplishes something or acts appropriately after the training, you have to let him know that he did well with phrases such as ‘good dog’ or ‘good job’ or ‘way to go, puppy!’ Another form of positive reinforcement you may give your dog is his favorite treat. This becomes motivation for him to do better. On the other hand, a dog who receives punishment rather than praises may fear you and may shy away from you during trainings. Never spank or shout at your dog. If you have to punish him, a firm ‘no’ will be enough for him to understand that his acts are not acceptable.

  4. Allow him to socialize. Your Doberman pinscher is capable of socializing and being friends with other pets and people. It is not necessary that you hide him in the backyard and a good walk in the park will help with his daily exercise.

Who will not want a well mannered and properly trained dog as a companion in the home? Learn how to train a Doberman pinscher and you will surely have one who will love and protect you in return.


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