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How to Train a Dog for Show

How to Train a Dog for Show

It gives us pride as dog owners to see our pets joining a dog show.  Prior to this, much preparation is needed.  Good health and grooming is mandatory. Your dog should also be proficient with basic and special skills.  If you intend to join and help your dog excel, it is important for you to know how to train a dog for show.  Here are important tips to consider:

  1. Know the rules and regulations of the kennel club that you are joining. This is to make sure you are you familiar with their requirements. Each club has its own rules and regulations, so do not assume they are all the same. Make sure you bring along your dog’s registration records, vaccination and pedigree papers. These are all required when joining a show.

  2. Research on the net, read materials and check with professionals in regards to getting information for dog shows in which your dog’s breed is qualified. Prior to joining one, you should make sure your dog is healthy, well groomed and fit. It must have equal footing with all the other contenders.

    good to get a handler for your dog’s training if you are a first timer and learn from him. Next time around, you can do the preparations yourself.

  3. Practice stacking. Determine which one you want to practice. Free stacking is when your dog stands next to its handler. Hand stacking is when the handler manually places the position of the feet and kneels next to your dog. Practice the one you’ve selected until your dog masters it. There is no need to scold your dog when practicing stacking, but be firm and make it feel like you mean business.

  4. Practice “gaiting” next by trotting. This will allow the judges to see how your dog moves. Hold the lead on your left, and your dog will trot on your left. Make your dog trots on a straight line and back. At the end, command it to stack and be still. Make sure your dog concentrates on practice, so it will be keen to keep away distractions like other dogs or pets and spectators. Once your dog is familiar with the moves, you can ask some people in your household to watch it. Be ready with praises to encourage it more. Your dog now needs to get used to doing its moves in front of spectators.

  5. Join a group practice with the other members of your kennel club. Join a match if possible; this will ensure that your dog is keen on what to do during a dog show. These matches are more informal and are judged only by club members who are aspiring to become dog show judges. Make sure your pet gets accustomed to the idea of strangers inspecting its teeth, ears and mouth, which is a common practice during actual dog show competitions.

  6. Do not forget to reward your dog with treats for its cooperation during the practice. It is also important to teach your dog facial expressions. A happy expression is attractive enough to win the hearts of judges.

  7. Make sure your dog is not spayed or neutered or else it cannot compete because it defeats the purpose of selecting dogs for quality breeding.

Joining a dog show competition is not a joke. However, it should not be stressful as your dog will feel your anxiety and become weighed down by the pressure.  To excel in competition, review these steps on how to train a dog for show.


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