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How to Train a Dog to Attack on Command

How to Train a Dog to Attack on Command

Be very particular with the nature of your dog’s breed when learning how to train a dog to attack on command. You can sense its instinctive reactions while giving it obedience training. Be very careful in deciding to give it the attack training if you feel that it has the tendency to be violently out of control. Remember the potential liabilities are on your part, even when your dog is trying to protect you. Find out more from the details below:

  1. Do not waste your time with breeds that have no future in guard duty. Research the types of dogs that are often used for police missions or guard dogs. The success of these breeds did not happen overnight. They are the result of many years of training that have been passed through generations - just like the German Shepherds that are often referred to as police buddies.

  2. Let your dog become familiar with the quality of your voice. Say each command firmly using action words that you use on a daily basis like “jump”, “stay” or “run”. Once you’ve gone far with the obedience training, you can proceed in introducing protection training to your dog.


  3. Never allow your dog to be sociable with other animals and strangers. It has to be on guard all the time. Reprimand it using a one-word command, so it can quickly remember this command. Stick to a given command only once the action has been demonstrated and don’t change it. Inconsistency may confuse the dog. Practice these commands every day.

  4. Use a leash to control the dog during the early part of the training. Relax the leash when saying “attack” and slightly pull the leash when it’s time to say “stop.” When it becomes very good at following these commands, try doing them without the leash.

  5. Provoke the dog to bite using a stick. Make drastic moves for the dog to catch the tip of the stick for a good bite. When it has developed the tendency to bite decisively, train it to bite the legs and arms of the person in a bite suit. This technique is to restrain the trouble-maker from harming anyone.

  6. Stage an episode where a stranger wearing a bite suit is hurting you. In the middle of the commotion, instruct your dog to “attack.” Once it does, tell it to “stop.” Reward it with your praises while giving it a hug or a good stroke on its back. Do the exercise again, but this time, just command the dog with gestures rather than words. It should realize later on that it needs to protect you from any harm without being told.

  7. During the training emphasize that your dog should behave calmly most of the time – and be a fighter only when it’s required. You do not want your dog to be a trouble maker. Being an attack dog is not a good excuse to be naturally violent.

It is highly recommended that you work with a certified dog trainer on how to train a dog to attack on command. Your dog may not understand you at all times, but it can feel you deep within. A knowledgeable dog trainer knows this, and he can make the most of your dog’s sentiments while training it to protect you and your household.


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