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How to Train a Dog to Sit

How to Train a Dog to Sit

A dog can become a great addition to the family especially when she has learned how to obey your commands. One of the most natural things for a dog to do is sit. When you learn how to train a dog to sit, you have accomplished one of the first components of obedience training. Training her to sit will lead you to teach her more advance tricks such as staying still and coming to you at your command. This will also enable her to behave accordingly in situations that require her to sit and be patient. Although it may sound like a simple task, you need to know these tips in order to make your pet sit. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to success:

  1. The training area must be free from any obstructions. As soon as you take your new pet home, bring her to a quiet and peaceful place so she can concentrate and give her full attention to you. Prepare rewards and treats before the start of the training session.  You do not want to bore your dog or take away his energy, so five to 10 minutes sessions twice or thrice a day should be good for your dog.


  2. Let the dog sit on her own and as naturally as she can while being generous with treats and praises. When she has given her undivided attention to you, hold out a reward near her nose. Slowly move the treat towards her back in an arch position until her bottom hits the ground. When it does, give her the desired treat accompanied by words of praise such as ‘good dog’ or ‘good job’. Another method you can use to let the dog sit down on her bottom is to say the word ‘sit’ or ‘sit down’ while signaling your dog to execute the command. Again, be ready to reward her with a treat.

    Do not allow her to jump for the treat or crane her neck to look back. When she does this, immediately take the treat away and return it to your pocket. You may come back to training after a few minutes when the dog has relaxed. Also, let your dog know when it is time to release her from training by saying ‘free’, ‘go’ or ‘release’.

  3. Keep up with your dog’s pace. Some dogs are quick to understand and learn fast; however, other dogs are slow and will not perform immediately. As you train your dog, carefully observe her pace. Be careful not to give her more than she can comprehend and work with her along the way.

  4. Learning must be fun. Consider and follow this rule whenever you are training your dog. Training sessions must be fun and enjoyable and also strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Show her your love and affection even during training.

  5. Patience, consistency and perseverance are keys to a successful training. Forgive your dog when she is not able to execute your commands immediately as this is normal. Being constant and consistent with training will eventually pay off when you see your pet obey your hand or voice gestures.

Applying what you have learned on how to train a dog to sit will become advantageous when you bring your dog to gatherings and social events.


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