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How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

A dog is able to communicate through barking, and it is natural for him to create this sound. A dog speaks and understands the messages that another dog sends because of how the barking is done. There are other reasons why a dog barks. For example, you might have left him hungry in an unfamiliar place, he may have been suffering from medical conditions or he foresees that danger is nearing. Knowing how to train a dog to stop barking is rather a challenging task. As a responsible dog owner, however, you need to fully understand how it can be controlled. This will save you and your neighbors from hearing their noisy barks in the middle of the night. Train, control, and possibly eliminate dog barks using these steps.

  1. Do not tolerate any excessive behavior. The treats you give him whenever he does any unwanted and inappropriate actuations, including barking, sends a sign of approval to him. You are only telling him that his barking is acceptable.  Shouting at him when he barks will only give him an impression that he can get anything he wants for as long as he continues to annoyingly bark.

    Ignore the barking of your dog as much as possible until he stops barking. Do not give him what he wants or any attention as a result of heavy barking.

  2. Train your dog to obey your commands. Gaining the obedience of your dog will make your task in controlling his behavior and barking easier. Teach him how to adhere to words like ‘stop’ and ‘sit’ as these are short yet firm words he will recognize. A whistle, clap or a click from the mouth are enough instructions for your dog to stop barking. The only appropriate time to reward your dog with a treat or toy is when he has followed your word of command.

  3. Avoid things and places that cause him stress. Barking excessively may be due to occurrences, things or places that are causing an anxiety attack in your dog. Put away things that may scare him off and do not bring him to isolated places or leave him alone for a long period of time. If the dog barks uncontrollably because he is afraid of the sound of strong thunder and heavy rains, take him inside the house or to a room that is away from windows.

  4. Take your pet dog for a walk. Exercise is not only important for humans, but it is also good for dogs. Walking for a good five to 10 minutes will help strengthen the muscles and bones of your dog. Walking him around the neighborhood or doing your jogging routines with him will keep your bond strong and help your dog lose his energy. He will need all the time he can get to regain his strength in his sleep. A healthy dog tends to bark less than a dog that is just lying on his legs the entire day. He will likely divert his strength in making noise and amuse himself by barking.

As a dog owner, you do not want to receive complaints from the animal control in your neighborhood because of the heavy barking from your dog. This could result in fines, if not surrendering your favorite pet. To control such unwanted behavior, learn how to train a dog to stop barking and you will keep a quieter and more peaceful environment. Keep your trainings lively and do not bore the dog so he will participate and pay attention to you.


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