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How to Train a Golden Retriever

How to Train a Golden Retriever

Young pet lovers tend to admire the Golden Retriever.  Likewise, Golden Retrievers are friendly and loving family pets. They love to play games and are easy to train either verbally or through sign commands. This interesting breed is even more valuable when given the right training and care. Use this as your guide on how to train a Golden Retriever:

  1. Exercise the clicking tactics. Take a 10 minute session in introducing clicking tactics. Use a tune that could possibly catch the attention of your pet. Once you click and it responds to you, provide a tiny treat right away. Repeat the sound many times until it becomes familiar to the tune. Just ensuring that it understands every response to the clicking sound will result in a reward.

  2. Potty train the Golden Retriever. It will be easier to do this training when it is still young. Take advantage of the dog’s intelligence by setting up useful routines for the activities of daily living. Initially, you need to confine your puppy to its crate during its housebreaking routine.

    ou must patiently watch over it. Dogs normally sniff or circle around their crates when it’s time for a potty break. Take it out from the crate and bring it outside to do its business. Dogs do not want to potty where they sleep, so make a small doggy gate so it can freely go to find its litter area.

  3. Assign a crate to your dog. Upon bringing home your dog, move it right away to its crate. Let it stay there as if it is the dog’s new home. Command it to go potty outside once in a while but just leave the crate door open. Make sure that the litter area is near its crate. Be determined to crate train your young pet and be patient in watching over it until the training is successful. You can safely leave your dog in the crate when you’re off to work, and it can serve as its personal hideout when you are entertaining visitors.

  4. Do not let your dog linger in the crate all the time. Play with it outside following potty time. Command your dog to go back to the crate after a couple of minutes playing.  Use an easy command like “crate now,” while showing a treat. This will surely trigger the dog to jump right away into the crate. Repeat the same procedure many times daily until you finally observe that the dog is comfortable with the crate as its den.

  5. Introduce easy words for commands. Teach your dog with basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come” and “stop.” Come up with fresh ideas for motivating and rewarding your dog while instilling these commands. Golden retrievers are pleasant dogs, and they always get excited from praises and rewards. Repeat every command in the same manner of speaking.

  6. Create a doable plan for every training session. It is important to note that proper training should follow a straightforward plan. Set up training sessions every day, but make sure you give your dog ample time to rest, sleep, eat, play and socialize.

You may be excited to undertake the procedure on how to train a golden retriever – but remember that you’ll do a better job when you are equipped with the proper knowledge.


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