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How to Train a Husky

How to Train a Husky

A Husky likes training sessions that involve games and other playful activities. Establish yourself as the powerful leader of the pack for your husky. Learn more about how to train a husky using these helpful tips:  

  1. Huskies enjoy learning in cold places. They are naturally adaptable to the cool climate because this breed has been utilized as sled dogs for generations. Think of some training activities that you will both enjoy outdoors. Start teaching it some easy commands like “jump,” “sit” or “stay.” Bear in mind that huskies are not keen in frequent repetition of commands. Proper timing must be observed, or else it won’t respond to you at all.

  2. Use a soft cotton leash. A leash with a soft cotton texture will protect your hand from burning while training the dog outdoors.  A husky dog is highly energetic, especially when outside of the house. A leash will prevent it from running away from you. Use a long leash so that you can let it run farther without disappearing from your sight.

    e husky to return to you once in a while and reward it with a treat when it follows your command. Let your husky enjoy running, but make sure to impose the proper discipline. Huskies can easily get bored with usual treats. Prepare variations of enticing treats in order to get it motivated.

  3. Using a crate along with a proper housebreaking routine is a good move. Create a suitable crate for your husky and make sure it has squeaky chewable toys, a comfy mat, water and a food bowl. Set up its potty separately outside the house. You may put the crate in the kitchen or near your back door. Set a daily schedule and patiently follow the routine consistently. The husky can normally hold its waste once it is accustomed to the routine.

  4. Always make crating fun and enjoyable. Be generous and thrill your husky with treats if it behaves during crate time. If you work all day, provide the husky with a space away from its crate to use as its potty. You may use an old newspaper or an absorbent mat. Huskies do not want to defecate where they sleep. But once you arrive at home, bring it out from its crate by announcing play time. It will surely comply with glee. When you notice that it needs to use the bathroom, command it right away to go potty outside the house. Do not use different commands, which will only cause confusion.Establish being the “alpha dog” or the leader as early as possible. Do not allow the husky to show dominance over you. Be its leader all the time so that it will be easier to impose discipline and basic obedience commands. For example, every time you arrive home from work, do not get excited to call your husky; instead, wait for it to approach you. This is one way of instilling your role as master.

  5. Huskies want to be treated as intelligent and confident dogs. Make the training interesting. Huskies can easily get frustrated if you are not persistent with your commands. Keep it motivated and give quick praises after its good deeds. Remember to avoid constant repetition of commands because huskies only need minimal reinforcement.

Learning how to train husky requires a lot of self-control and total authority. Be an interesting trainer to your husky. Perform the task with love and care, because huskies are intelligent enough to appreciate your kindness.  In the end, you will benefit greatly from having a well-trained husky.


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