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How to Train a Jack Russell Terrier

How to Train a Jack Russell Terrier

Knowing how to train a Jack Russell Terrier is important if you intend to keep this breed as a pet. They are small in build and very energetic.  Training them should not be a problem as they are smart and fast learners.  They have lots of energy, so be ready to spend some time playing with your pet.  Here are some pointers to make sure you are ready for your new Jack Russell Terrier:

  1. Train it as early as possible.  Eight weeks old is the ideal age to start training your pet.  Training it when it is already grown up will be difficult because it has already established its habits.  Repeat each trick you want to teach from time to time.  This is the only way to make it get used to the command. Spend only about 10 minutes on each training session. A dog’s attention span is not very long, so it is useless to make training time longer.

  2. Let your dog socialize a lot.  Jack Russell Terriers are fond of attention and not threatened by the people around them.  It is important to train them to get acquainted with not only members of your household, but also with other people that you meet in public places.

    d has a tendency to bark incessantly, especially when they see strangers. Scold your dog sternly if it barks without any reason.

  3. Give it toys to play with when left alone to divert its attention from your belongings. Jack Russell Terriers are hunting dogs.  They have a strong sense of smell.  This breed is really the working class among all breeds.  Originally, they were trained to hunt, so they love outdoor activities.  Keeping your pet in the house alone may leave it feeling bored, so it may destroy some of your belongings unless you provide a distraction.

  4. Do not leave them alone with young children.  As these dogs are hyperactive, they can get rough at times and might scare very young kids. Accidents might occur.

  5. Scold your pet when you see your dog digging the soil in your yard. Digging is also a habit for this breed.  Make it known to your pet that it is not a welcome activity.  This is really destructive for your garden and lawn.

  6. Do not let your Jack Russell Terrier feel like it is the boss. Don’t allow it to step on your chest when you lie down.  It will make it feel superior over you. Do not let it feel power over other dogs either.  This breed is very aggressive and will do its best to dominate other dogs around it.

  7. Give rewards when your Jack Russell Terrier shows signs of improvement.  It could also be in the form of verbal praising or petting your dog on the back.  Always remember not to let your pet beg. Rewarding and begging are two different things.

It is fun to know how to train a Jack Russell Terrier. Both of you can learn from each other. Make each training session a recreational activity. Be tough, but not abusive. Never let your pet dominate in any way.  It will be hard to get rid of its superiority complex, so train it properly from the start.  Also, keep your pet’s environment clean and tidy all the time.  When your dog is infested with pests, it cannot concentrate on its training.  Itching and other discomforts will disturb it all throughout the course.


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