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How to Train a Kitten to Use the Litter Box

How to Train a Kitten to Use the Litter Box

It is interesting to adopt a little feline to join you and your happy family. Yet, litter box training must be imposed for a hygienic and controlled routine. Train your little kitten to use its litter box - it is one of the most important and basic activities for your new pet. Discover the different techniques on how to train a kitten to use the litter box to avoid a messy and bacteria-prone household. Here are the details:

  1. Shop for the best litter boxes. Litter boxes are available in any local pet store. They come in different types and colors. It is ideal to purchase litter boxes in different sizes – so that as the kitten grows, you can adjust the size of the boxes. If you are living in a large house, place the litter boxes in different locations.

  2. Kittens must start from a plastic tray or pan. Ensure that the kitten has enough room to use for urinating or pooping. Cats are fussy when it comes to their littering area. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness of the box. You have to include a scooper and clay litter on your shopping list – you will need these props to train your pet.


  3. Find an opportunity to introduce the litter pan. Gently put the kitten in a pan with litter.  Use clay litter, sand or newspapers.  It should start to dig by instinct - otherwise, hold its paws and slowly demonstrate the digging movements. Cats are inclined by nature to cover their waste.

  4. Some kittens will easily get used to the litter tray; others may take several days or up to four weeks to completely understand this activity. Do not be disappointed if you notice that the kitten is hardly using the litter tray. Be firm by putting it into the litter box when it attempts to dig on the floor.

  5. Choose a quiet area to place the litter box. Cats are usually hiding in a corner or under the furniture. Place the litter pan behind your furniture.  It will be more convenient and accessible for the kitten.

  6. Never put the litter tray near the kitty’s food or water.  Kittens are very particular with the placement of their facilities. The place where they usually spend meal time is somewhat instilled into their systems. It will disorient them if you put the litter box where their food is. However, if the kitten happens to miss the littering pan, try to place its food bowl in the area where it littered. It will never litter there again.

  7. Carry the kitten to its litter pan after eating and after a nap.  You may establish this routine hourly within a day. When the kitten litters in its pan, it will sniff the litter first and start digging. The kitten will keep going back to its littering pan once it smells its urine. Clean the surface right away if the kitten happens to urinate somewhere else other than the litter pan. It will have the tendency to urinate on the same spot again if it recognizes the smell of its own urine.

Learning how to train a kitten to use the litter box can make your daily house chores more manageable. You have the duty to discipline your kitten just like any other member of your family.


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