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How to Train a Labrador Retriever

How to Train a Labrador Retriever

Knowing how to train a labrador retriever will greatly benefit a pet owner.  This breed lasts for ten to twelve years and when they have the proper training, a long life together will definitely be fun, enjoyable and hassle-free. Here are tips to try in training your own Labrador retriever:

  1. Start early with the training - about six to eight weeks old ideally.  Starting late has its repercussions.  They might have already developed a bad habit that is hard to break. Also, the dog might get confused with what it has already been used to doing when you train late. You will enjoy the benefits early too.

  2. Potty training should be taught at the earliest possible time. Reward your pet with a pat on the back, verbal praising and treats. This will make it motivated to continue to do well. They simply love the praise and attention so training should not be hard for them. Teach them also common commands such as sit, come and fetch.

  3. Be in command and make your Labrador retriever be aware that you are the boss.

    trick is when you feed your pet, don’t just put it down and let the dog eat. Give the command “sit” first before you put down the feeding bowl. Let the dog look at you when you do this.  This will make it aware that you are the one whom it goes to for food - and therefore its provider and master. If you let it do what it wants, it will easily make itself the leader which will definitely be hard to correct. They become a headache when they are spoiled.

  4. Teach your pet to start socializing early. Labs love being around people and other pets. They are very friendly dogs. Being meek and fun loving as they are, they would love to become part of a crowd. Most pet owners regard them as an added member of their family. Get it used to going to other places too and let your pet meet other people aside from your family members and friends. They are naturally sociable pets and would love the encounter.

  5. Spend time and encourage your dog to exercise and release its stored energy. This will prevent your pet from getting obese. Allocate more time for your dog and if possible almost the same time every day for this activity. As this breed is active and energetic, it would make them depressed if they are left alone in a cage or tied up most of the time. If left without exercise they easily become overweight and therefore prone to various canine diseases especially when they are of age already.

  6. Labrador retrievers are great with kids but make your dog is aware that being playful is good but caution should be taken.  Labs can grow big and heavy and an 80 pounds body weight when it jumps on a child can really hurt.  It can hurt young kids or cause an accident that is of course unintentional. When still a puppy, never encourage your pet to jump on anybody as it will think it’s acceptable and will continue to do it even when it becomes a full grown and very heavy dog.

How to train a labrador retriever should be learned by heart. This is the key to living together with your pet harmoniously. Be patient and continue to train it as repetition is the key - to make them understand and adopt the discipline in their day to day existence. Make it a pleasant experience for the both of you.


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