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How to Train a Maltese

How to Train a Maltese

Dogs from the Maltese breed are a bit difficult to take care of, due to their small size. It normally weighs only about 10 pounds, but it is energetic. Most families are falling in love with this kind of breed because it has soft and healthy hair.  However, do not ignore excessive hair fall. It is a sign that your dog has allergies. The moment you decide on bringing a Maltese dog home, you should learn some tips on how to train a Maltese. Here’s how:

  1. Understand the basic characteristics of a Maltese dog so that you won’t have difficulties in dealing with it at home. They love to be showered with care and attention. Their housebreaking tantrums will not last long. Encourage yourself to potty train it for your own convenience. A Maltese dog can be trained easily with positive reinforcement and a doable routine. It will be wiser to take care of a young puppy because it is much easier to start conducting basic training with it.

  2. The sooner you teach your Maltese dog the basic rules of peeing and pooping, the better.

    pose a systematic routine with all your patience and love.  Bring its potty outside the house - this strategy will lead the puppy to the proper location to unload. The location of its potty must be accessible from its crate.

  3. Design a schedule for the dog to follow every day. Lead the puppy to its potty every two hours and a few minutes after its meal. A puppy will normally make waste after taking a nap and eating its meal. Be consistent to follow the schedule. Sooner or later, the Maltese dog will adapt to the system.

  4. Prepare an enticing crate. Before your newly adopted Maltese dog arrives home, make sure that a nice crate is already waiting for it. Normally, it struggles with its first time in the crate, but this challenge can be overcome immediately by bribing it with some treats. Make sure that the Maltese is calm and in a good mood before introducing it to its new crate. Place some toys for it to play with – colorful and well-designed toys. Include its water and food bowl. Ensure that it has a comfortable mat to use when it sleeps. You must pamper it with your caring touch and loving voice so that it won’t get scared.

  5. Proceed to teach the dog some common obedience commands. When the Maltese is already comfortable with its crate, command your dog with action words like “go out” or “come in.” Bring the crate to your yard while playing with the Maltese for some exercise, which will help in the development of a strong and healthy body. Leave the crate open and try to command the puppy to go in to its crate. When it responds positively, bring out your treat to motivate it to keep doing what you have commanded. You may add other simple commands gradually every day.

  6. Create social activities for your dog with other people and dogs alike. This is good to maintain its friendly nature. As part of its training period, bring the dog to different areas of your community park. At first, the dog may not be comfortable with the atmosphere outside, but after several trials the Maltese will enjoy it.

A well trained Maltese will surely be a joy to the family. Make sure to look after the dog every time you send it outside the house. This small dog can escape from your house if not trained to seek refuge in its crate. The above suggestions on how to train a Maltese will definitely bring in good results.


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