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How to Train a Miniature Schnauzer

How to Train a Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are known for their elegant looks. Their hair does not shed easily - that’s why most Mini Schnauzer owners don’t have problems with allergies.  Living with this breed will be more worthwhile when they are well trained.  Try your best to know how to train a Miniature Schnauzer; you will truly enjoy the process as a result. Here are your guidelines:

  1. Choose a puppy from good quality parents. It is true that it is easier to train a puppy than older dog, but it’s not enough to own a Miniature Schnauzer puppy. Make sure you know its bloodline. Aside from family background, health records and temperament are also vital information when deciding to take care of one. Dealing with a pet with an uncontrollable temper is a burden. You have the right to be picky before the purchase to prevent future discomforts.

  2. Provide your Mini Schnauzer with a comfortable shelter. In order to encourage your dog to be cooperative, you have to be responsible in providing it with a comfortable crate.

    other dogs, a Mini Schnauzer needs a cozy mat and some toys to play with inside its crate. This will contribute to its healthy and stress-free living. Teach your to dog to love its crate. Your Mini Schnauzer will surely like its crate when you associate “crating time” with fun and relaxation.  Be affectionate to your dog because a Mini Schnauzer naturally loves its master.

  3. Be determined to impose the household rules. Housebreaking is the most vital training for dogs. This training should start early and the puppy must be at least three weeks old. If you delay its potty training sessions, you will surely encounter a lot of headaches. Form a doable schedule and consistently follow the routine. Lead the puppy to its potty and command it to pee while uttering “potty time.” Make sure that the potty is accessible. Give the puppy a few minutes to pee or poop. Praise it afterward so that it will stick to the right process.  Repeat the potty session after each meal or nap. Reward it with a treat afterwards.

  4. Educate the dog with basic obedience commands. Mini Schnauzers are born keen and intelligent. At first, you may train the puppy to walk comfortably with an unloosened leash. Then continue to let the dog play or run unleashed. Mini Schnauzers enjoy playing outdoors. They are naturally active. Have fun bonding with your dog while playing ball games. Take the opportunity to teach simple commands like ‘sit down,’ ‘stay’ or ‘go.’ Your dog will surely follow if you are firm enough in giving commands. Give it a pat on the back after it demonstrates good behavior.

  5. Positive reinforcement is very important in training a Miniature Schnauzer. Give it proper guidance, which will lead it to develop good habits. An intense training session does not need to be harsh. Avoid punishing your dog physically - it will not help to achieve your goal.

A well trained Mini Schnauzer has a good temperament. It can make an excellent guard because it has a special talent for detecting strangers or unfamiliar happenings. If you invest your valuable time, money and effort in training your dog, you will soon have an amazing Miniature Schnauzer. Take note of the above strategies on how to train a Miniature Schnauzer for guidance.


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