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How to Train a Parakeet

How to Train a Parakeet

Parakeets are like parrots and myna birds - they can mimic words and phrases and learn tricks as well. How to train a parakeet is a challenge.  Hearing them mimic words and perform tricks is very rewarding.  They are like added attractions to your home, especially when friends and relatives come to visit. Train your parakeet this way:

  1. As there are about a hundred varieties of parakeets, find out the characteristics of the particular species of parakeet that you have. You can read books on this or search online, although the best option would be to consult a veterinarian. Ask all the relevant questions that come to your mind regarding parakeets, especially when it comes to feeding and training.

  2. Keep the bird cage clean and orderly always.  As they love playing, you can also put some bird toys inside their cage, but make sure these are clean. Dirty toys can lead to diseases. Colorful toys like blocks are mostly preferred.

  3. From time to time, a parakeet needs breathing and flying space.

    t it free from its cage once in a while and let it fly around in an enclosed room. Do not do this when they are still very young because they have the tendency to unknowingly harm themselves.

  4. Talk every time you are with your parakeet.  Make sure you say words you want it to learn. Start with simple words and phrases like ‘hello,’ or ‘good morning.’ Also let your pet parakeet know you and your other household members by name.  Refrain from saying bad or offensive words as they tend to remember these and will surely mimic them. When you see improvements, proceed with teaching them to say additional simple phrases.

  5. Teach your parakeet some tricks with the use of a barbecue stick or anything you have around. With the stick propped up near your bird, signal it to bite the stick with its beak. Repeat the motion over and over again. Give a reward every time the trick is done.   Just like human beings, they need a lot of encouragement too.

  6. Feeding of your parakeets should be done on a regular basis.  Remember to change the water regularly or when it appears dirty and contaminated. They are fed at least twice a day.  In case you will be out of town, make sure someone takes over your place in feeding them, as parakeets easily die due to starvation after just 48 hours.  If this happens, all your efforts in training it will all be in vain.

  7. Talk to your parakeet like a grown up or he will get used to talking like a child.

Parakeets, unlike parrots, are smaller birds with long tail. They are social birds by nature - they love attention. They will even try to capture your attention, especially when they know you are their caretaker.  Knowing how to train a parakeet is a fun activity.  If you win their trust, it should not be too hard for you. You will have an instant entertainer in your home when they are properly trained.


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