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How to Train a Parakeet to Talk

How to Train a Parakeet to Talk

Learning how to train a parakeet to talk is a challenging endeavor.  It requires a lot of patience and care as they are very sensitive birds. You should be able to win their trust before you can start teaching them.  They should also feel relaxed having you around. A bird who does not like you is difficult to handle and will definitely be non-cooperative.  Here are valuable inputs that you can consider to make the task easier for you:

  1. As soon as your little parakeet is with you, show care and gentleness to it. At first, it may not be easy to touch it, as they tend to move away, but with constant effort, it will get used to you and your touch. Always talk gently to it and do not be overconfident in holding it in the open as there is a chance that it will fly away on impulse.

  2. Set a schedule each day to teach your parakeet to talk. It is best to use another venue like a sealed and isolated room for teaching. You can allow it to fly around for a moment as exercise before teaching it. Begin with simple words.

    t is best if the bird can call you by your name. Also introduce other members of your household. The bird will remember names of people who are constantly with it.

  3. As soon as you see some progress, reward your parakeet with a bite of its favorite treat. Vegetable and fruits are great choices.  It is like an added treat for learning fast and will serve as motivation.  When you notice a major improvement, reward your parakeet with a nice toy.  Choose a colorful one to cheer it up all the more.

  4. You can finally introduce simple phrases to the bird. This is such a thrill because it allows the bird to be interactive now. You will be surprised how smart these birds can become.

  5. Always allow the bird to review the words that it has already learned in the past. It can forget easily when they are not repeated often. Do it in the form of an exercise. Make each session short – no more than fifteen minutes, as they can get fed-up easily.  Their tolerance level is not really that high; therefore, teaching only a few words each time is highly recommended.

  6. Finally, be mindful of your bird’s feeding. Teach only when your bird has already been fed. Hungry birds, just like any living thing, will not have the enthusiasm to learn with an empty stomach.  They can also starve fast - so make a definite schedule. Birds don’t complain, so be observant with their behaviors. You will understand their body language in due time.

Your success in knowing how to train a parakeet to talk all depends on you. Some birds are really smart and can learn fast, but it’s your perseverance that matters most.  Talking birds are always nice to have around. You can put the cage in a cozy place by your porch. There are even some who use their parakeets as added security, as they don’t need to be told to shout whenever they see a stranger. Just make sure the bird cage is securely fastened or you can lose your pet.


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