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How to Train a Poodle

How to Train a Poodle

A well-groomed poodle with a thick, curly coat is an awesome addition to an animal-loving family. A poodle has very noticeable physical features which draw the attention of other people; its coat can even be styled according to your preference and style.  It is interesting to learn how to train a poodle especially because this kind of dog is naturally intelligent and is highly likely to adopt the training given to him. Poodles are able to recognize commands and to respond quickly. This is why some of them are used in dog shows to entertain the audiences and to perform tricks. Before you take your poodle to a dog show, here are a couple of tips you can follow for help with proper poodle training:

  1. Start early. The development, alertness and progress of your dog depend on when you start training him. The earlier you start correcting unwanted dog behavior, the more likely your dog will start acting according to your preferences. As soon as the dog is in your possession, teach him a few basic things like recognizing his name and sitting upon your command.

    Positive reinforcement and treats are among the best ways to get his attention during training.

  2. Control his territorial behavior. A poodle is a very territorial animal. He likes to mark his territory, especially when there are other dogs or animals in your home. You do not want this kind of behavior to prevail in your house, so teach your dog who the boss is. Let him know that you are the leader of the pack by reprimanding him. Withdraw your attention from the dog when he acts in a negative manner.

  3. The fewer the distractions, the more focus you will get from the poodle. This type of dog can be attentive to your calls and training if you carry them out in a minimally-distractive place. Its attention span is so short that you must avoid losing it right from the start. Keep your training focused, short, and simple yet consistent. If the dog gets uneasy at any point, give him a break for a while then resume training him afterwards. Praise his good work when you see an improvement in his attitude and training.

  4. House training is important. A poodle is a very smart dog, and he is able to understand and comprehend quickly. Be patient and consistent in potty training your pet dog, and after a couple of training sessions, you will be surprised to see that he already knows the proper place to eliminate.  Stick to the training formula which you have developed with your dog so that he is not confused about your command.

  5. Harsh actions will never work. Always remember that, although your poodle belongs to one of the friendliest breeds of dogs, he will not respond to punishment. Whether in or out of training, never lay a hand on your poodle or spank him. Do not shout at or hit your poodle at any cost, because as soon as you hit him or yell at him, he will stop responding to the sound of your voice and to your training. By hitting him or shouting, you are signaling your approval of his undesirable behavior.

A poodle is very cute and loves to get all the attention and care he can have. This dog also adores kids and creates masters and mistress out of them. Learning how to train a poodle and putting this training into action can be very exciting for both of you. Training is a context where you can reinforce your bond with your dog.


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