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How to Train a Pug

How to Train a Pug

When training a pug, you must have a lot of patience and extra effort and perseverance. They can be quite stubborn, but are still very lovable little creatures. Pugs make ideal household pets as they are friendly and their size makes them easy to handle. Here are some informative details on how to train a pug:

  1. Train your pug as early as possible - preferably when it first comes to your home. Being lenient with pugs will make training more difficult. The first six months of their lives are very important. This is when they should be trained seriously as it will determine their behavior for the rest of their lives. Potty training is the hardest thing to teach them. They have poor bladder and bowel control, making it impossible for them to reach the designated place on time - so don’t expect them to be able to do it right away. Constant repetition will be needed to achieve this; so be cool and don’t give up easily. Crating them will be just fine and will make it easier for you to manage them.

  2. Establish a relationship with your pug so that it is clear to it that you are its leader and that you should be followed.

    f not, it will make itself the leader and will do whatever pleases it. This is a natural characteristic of pugs as they are used to being in a pack with a leader. Without one, they appoint themselves, which makes them harder to train. In reality, some are never trained at all because their owners give up easily.

  3. Introduce your pug to the other members of your household and to other pets as soon as possible. They are sociable and friendly and would love to interact with almost everybody. They are attention seekers and would prefer being with other people or dogs to being alone. If left alone for a long time, they can get really depressed and unhappy.

  4. Make sure that you exaggerate your praise when your pug does a good thing. Pugs love the human voice. They will really appreciate your praise as an incentive. They are pleasers and will get motivated by it. When you are mad, make sure it is not within the hearing distance of your pet. For sure this will have some effect on it. Pugs can take your angry tone to mean that you are mad at them, and this will make them sad and confused. It is best to keep your pet pug happy as it will be easier to handle in this state of mind. You can use food as a reward, but make sure you don’t feed your pug overnight or it will get used to it.

  5. Make grooming a part of your regular activities. It should not be much of a hassle. Pugs are easy to keep tidy with occasional bathing. Brush their hair with a dense comb to make sure there are no ticks or other parasites. These parasites can be very annoying to them and might make them sick. Keep their living space and environment clean at all times too so they won’t be prone to any sickness.

Pugs make worthy pets and companions. They are definitely darlings and pets you can be proud of, especially if you train them well. Learning how to train a pug is therefore necessary. These pets are friendly but have tantrums too, and they can really be stubborn if they want to. It takes much determination on your part to make them well trained, but the rewards will definitely be worth it.


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