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How to Train a Pug Puppy

How to Train a Pug Puppy

Who would not be drawn to a pug puppy’s cute little face? He is a happy, playful and joyful dog with round eyes, a square muzzle and slightly droopy ears. The wrinkles and moles on his face add to his cuteness. A pug is naturally playful and happy but you have to let him know you are his leader. Learning how to train a pug puppy is essential for you to become the leader of your pack. If you do not impose this, you might find it harder to gain his trust and confidence. Here are a few guidelines you can follow to successfully train your pug.

  1. Training must start early. Although a pug puppy can easily be taught and trained, he can also be stubborn toward you. Training your pug while he is young can prevent this from happening. Train him the right way before he forms his own behavior. You will find it hard for to change his bad habits back into the proper behavior. Living with a trained pug puppy will be more fun and enjoyable.

  2. Use specific one word commands when training your puppy to do anything, whether to sit, stand, come or potty.

    It is best that you use just one word for each so as not to confuse him. The puppy will absorb and understand your commands and associate them with what you are teaching him, especially when you accompany these commands with hand signals and gestures. Doing this also tells your pug that you are in charge and he will see you as the leader of the pack.

  3. Persistence, consistency and perseverance are the keys to successful training. Teaching your pet the appropriate behavior will not happen overnight. You cannot expect you puppy to learn everything after just one training session. You need to be consistent and persistent in your training. The dog must undergo training for an hour or two a day at different times. Brief, yet, firm and constant training will work well with a pug puppy as he might get bored if your training sessions go too long.

  4. Teach your pug puppy the proper place to potty. Clean your home and other surroundings with care and avoid having to re-clean them by teaching your cute little puppy the right place to eliminate. Housebreaking training can be hard during the first few days. Your pug will eventually go to the specific place to do his thing. Buying a crate for your pet can help you potty train him. Do not use the crate, however, as a punishment for the pet.

  5. Treats, praises and kind words will work wonders. Whether you are training a pug puppy or any other breed, punishing him by spanking, shouting, scaring or hitting him will never get you anywhere. The pug will only regret that he is under your care and will no longer pay attention to you.  When you use treats, praises, and kind words before, during and after trainings, however, you will learn how well and fast he can respond to your instructions. Be generous in giving these positive reinforcements to your puppy.

Discover how to train a pug puppy and you will realize that you have found a prized possession in your lovable pet.


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