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How to Train a Rat Terrier

How to Train a Rat Terrier

Knowing how to train a rat terrier is easy as they are wise animals. Their size is relatively small, just approximately 6 to 8 inches, so it should be easy for you to handle them.  These dogs make really fun and enjoyable household pets. It is amazing how they interact with their human companions. Once you get used to them, you cannot help but love and adore them.  Read on for some pointers:

  1. Train a rat terrier while it is still very young or the moment it sets foot in your home. It can easily recall instructions with some repetition. Potty train it by physically showing it where it should unload. The first few times may not be easy, but constant repetition will remind it to do the right thing next time it needs to urinate.

  2. Good grooming is mandatory for this breed of dogs, and it follows that they want their living space to be tidy. Make sure they don’t mess up their feeding and drinking bowl by stepping on it and spilling its contents. Use commands, like saying “no” with a very stern voice.

    e is no need to really show anger - just some reprimands. There is also no need to hit your pets; this will only make them naughtier and distant from you.

  3. When you train your rat terrier, make sure there is no distraction around like other animals and people. It is more effective when you do it one on one. Their tolerance level is not very long, so being patient is a must. Train it only for about 30 minutes every time. Give it a break like play time or feeding time. Repetition is the key point, so be patient enough to repeat the same thing over and over again.

  4. Give rewards in the form of treats when it is able to follow instructions.  Rat terriers love rewards. They are pleasers and will always want to make their master happy and proud of them. Along with the treat, you can give it a gentle pat on the back to show your appreciation for a job well done. Make sure rewards are not misunderstood. Never tolerate it when it begs for treats.

  5. Should you have other household members who interact with the rat terrier, let them use the same commands, tricks and discipline that you have already taught your pet. Doing it another way will make your rat terrier confused. So, everybody needs to be consistent.

  6. Always be observant of your pet’s health condition. Rat terriers that have anxiety or illness definitely cannot learn well. Make sure you have your dog checked by your veterinarian to make sure it is physically healthy.

Learning how to train a rat terrier can be a challenging but exciting task. This is a good bonding moment for you and your new pet. When achieved, it makes everyday interaction and co-existence very easy.


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