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How to Train a Rottweiler

How to Train a Rottweiler

Rottweiler dogs make excellent household pets, but it is mandatory for you to know how to train a Rottweiler. These are huge dogs that really need training or else they can dominate your household.  They can also turn your place upside down, so training them is really essential.  Here are some pointers for you to follow:

  1. Choose the right puppy for your family’s lifestyle. Ask the pet shop attendant for the right puppy by explaining the traits you are looking for in a dog.  If you have a hyper-active lifestyle, choose one that is energetic and very playful, but if you are reserved and formal, choose the one that matches your calm household. Understand your responsibilities as a pet owner before you get a Rottweiler for a pet.

  2. Start training early. If possible, begin the moment your Rottweiler puppy arrives at your home. Potty training is important as your dog will grow very quickly, and it would be such a hassle to clean up its mess. Teach your pet discipline by calling its name in an authoritative manner if it makes a mess.

  3. Teach simple commands about 10 minutes at a time. Dogs don’t have very long attention spans - so teach them when you know you still have their interest. Repeat the tricks and commands as often as possible to make your pet more familiar with them.  Do not teach too many commands at the same time, otherwise you may confuse your pet.

  4. Be consistent when training your dog.  Make sure everybody in the house is giving and teaching the same commands to avoid confusion. Stick with the standard way of training your pet as these are proven techniques. Some pet owners hire a professional trainer to guarantee that the pet really learns, but doing it yourself will be fine as long as you are consistent.

  5. Exercise and play with your pet daily. Dogs need exercise so they don’t get overweight. Overweight dogs are prone to diseases like heart, kidney and liver disorders. Teach your dog not to go too far away from you, especially when you go to public places like a park.  Even without a leash, your pet should learn to return to where you are with a simple command. Teach your Rottweiler to be mindful of cars passing by. Make it aware that there is eminent danger when it crosses the street.

  6. Be cheerful in the presence of your pet. Seeing you in a happy and playful mood will make your Rottweiler enthusiastic to learn.  Dogs are natural pleasers and like to see their masters happy. They like to impress, so be ready to give your dog treats or just pet it when it is able to achieve something new. Be ready with praises and smiles and expect more enthusiasm from your pet when you teach your Rottweiler some more tricks.

Rottweilers really need proper training to ensure that they don’t cause much chaos in your household and do harm to the people around them. Keep them busy and they will not even think of making a mess in your home.  Learn how to train a Rottweiler and expect to live with your pet in harmony for quite a time.


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