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How to Train a Rottweiler to Guard

How to Train a Rottweiler to Guard

Dog breeds fall into several different categories including protection or guard dogs. This is the group where the Rottweiler belongs. However you have to be knowledgeable on how to train a Rottweiler to guard in order to accomplish this. The sense of protection that a Rottweiler brings to the home is one of the many reasons why you might choose this breed. You have to understand that beneath his frightening and protective look, he possesses affectionate, loyal and loving traits. Imagine a Rottweiler dog that was not given proper training on how to guard and you will have your stereotypical wild, ill-mannered, dangerous and aggressive dog. You have to apply these tips during training so that both you and your dog will benefit from each other’s company.

  1. Obedience training is first on the list. Remember that a Rottweiler, being the guard dog that he is, carries with him instincts and will do anything to protect his territory and you-his human companion. Once he is able to open his eyes, start training him with a few obedience commands. This is important because training him to obey you will let him know which act or behavior is acceptable and appropriate and which ones are not.


    Your Rottweiler is also packed with a great amount of energy, strength and stamina. Use these traits during short and brief, yet challenging and interactive, obedience training. Any form of training may double as bonding time between you and your canine home protector progresses.

  2. Control predatory aggression. This kind of aggression will lead your Rottweiler to only two outcomes. He will either harm himself or those around him. Watch when your dog chases down moving cars, running children or moving objects. When he does this, it is better for you to confine him in his crate or fence until he recognizes the harm it can do him. Although this is a natural instinct among guard dogs, it can still be corrected when done consistently.

  3. Let him know that you are the leader. Your Rottweiler needs to acknowledge you as the pack leader in your home. Do not allow him to show dominating gestures as grabbing attention from you and from other people. When the dog submits to your command, you can start giving him rewards such as his favorite treats or a few more minutes of petting. Dominance can be good but only to a certain extent.

  4. Training the dog in a consistent and persistent manner will prevent him from being dominant. This is one reason why you need to invest your time on him.

  5. Rewards must only come after hard work. Although it is good to reward your dog every now and then, lavish treats may keep him from learning your training commands. Give the dog fifteen-seconds of petting only when he has worked hard for it. This should be after an hour of training or after a game of fetch. This should control his yearnings and make him function well as a guard dog.

  6. On the other hand, do not praise him for doing something that is not appropriate such as barking endlessly or chasing little children, cars and bikes.

Choosing the kind of dog to pet and guard over you and your property from a trusted breeder will make it easy for you apply the tips you have learned on how to train a Rottweiler to guard. Express your love and care for the dog and he will return this to you.


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