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How to Train a Schnauzer Puppy

How to Train a Schnauzer Puppy

How to train a Schnauzer puppy is an essential know-how for a dog lover who chooses to take care of this small, smart, cute and easy to train dog. The dog has distinctive physical features which include a hairy face with a black button nose, a muzzle which is covered with feathers, brown eyes and ears that point to the sky. A Schnauzer puppy usually comes in either black, brown, salt and pepper or black and silver color. Although this breed of dog can follow specific instructions during training, he can also be stubborn. However, this trait can be corrected if training is given at early in the puppy’s life. Here are some tips which can help you successfully train your puppy:

  1. Early intervention and training- Your puppy needs to be trained early in order to have a well mannered pet. Start teaching him what is appropriate as soon as he is old enough to understand your commands. Let him be comfortable with your presence and voice by calling out his name over and over until he finally recognizes and responds. Speak to him directly and look him in the eyes so that he quickly understands what you are trying to tell him.


  2. Be firm yet gentle during training. Your Schnauzer is an intelligent dog so you do not have to be harsh to him during training. Approach your dog with a calm disposition and assure him that everything will go smoothly. Use training games such as ‘Throw and Catch’ to keep him motivated and responsive. This will also make obedience training fun and enjoyable for both you and your lovable pet.

  3. The training environment is very important. Begin training sessions in both the home and garden. Your puppy should be familiar with the proper behavior when in the house where there are lesser distractions before you bring him into a bigger environment such as the neighborhood playground. Training should be done in a place where the dog can give you his full attention.

  4. One command at a time. Your Schnauzer puppy can absorb your instructions quickly. However, you must not forget that he is a dog and not a robot. Be patient in teaching him what to do or how to act. Give him a command and repeat it once or twice. That should be enough for him to follow you. If he does not respond or pay attention, repeat once more but never spank or hurt him as he may not respond well to physical admonition. Instead, he may lose interest in you.

  5. Never tolerate bad behavior. Do not allow your dog to get what he wants from you by constantly nagging or barking at you. When he seeks for attention the wrong way, do not look in his direction. A  Schnauzer puppy can be stubborn as he grows older and when you respond to him every time he does this; you are telling him that what he is doing is acceptable.  He will understand that what he is doing is not right when you simply do not mind him.

  6. Prepare his favorite treats. Positive reinforcement can come in the form of treats. When your dog responds to you or does something appropriate, reward him with praise, love, care and a handful of dog treats which he will surely enjoy.

Learning and executing how to train a Schnauzer dog is easy as this not-so-good-looking, yet, very cute puppy can do well in training in a short period of time. He will surely be a great addition to your family.


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