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How to Train a Yorkshire Terrier

How to Train a Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire terrier is a cute little dog that is ideal as a household pet. If you have kids at home, they will surely love them. They are smart and definitely fast learners, so knowing how to train a Yorkshire terrier should be easy. Beware though as they are moody, and although they know what to do, they tend to disregard commands.  Study the following guidelines to know how to handle them:

  1. Start the training as soon as it arrives home. Delaying the training can make it harder for you. Point out to your yorkie its sleeping place and where it will be fed. The most important thing is where its potty is located. When it gets home the first time, feed it in its supposed feeding place right away. After feeding, lead it to its potty. Lay down newspaper flooring to avoid any accidents. When it’s done, take out the newspaper flooring and replace with new ones.

  2. Yorkshire terriers do their thing more frequently than other breeds. The usual times will be right after they wake up, after feeding or after playtime.

    uring the first few days, if they cannot follow instructions right away, you need not get angry. Shouting at them when they make a mistake will not do any good - it will just scare them and make them more stubborn.

  3. Reward your Yorkshire terrier every time it does something right. It will surely welcome a treat as a reward. Yorkshire terriers are attention seekers and will love it when you give them your attention. Take some time to play with them and teach them some tricks as well. Give a reward every time you see progress. They will just love it! Careful though not to spoil them.

  4. Maintain cleanliness in your pet’s living space. Teach it to be neat with its food and water. Showing a sad face and calling its name quite sternly is enough for it to realize that you are unhappy with what it did. They are loving animals and will not like to displease their master. They prefer positive recognition and rewards.

  5. When you train your pets, make sure that there are no other animals or people around. This will help them concentrate and learn faster. Speak to them in an authoritative but friendly way. As they are intelligent and smart, they can easily get the messages you are relaying or the tricks you are teaching. This is already like playtime and bonding time for you and your pets.

Learning how to train a Yorkshire terrier can definitely be a fun and enjoyable activity. Of course it will require your patience, effort, care and love. A Yorkshire terrier is a very sensitive animal. It is best for you to do the training yourself as this will become a bonding moment for you and your Yorkshire terrier.


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