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How to Train Aggressive Dogs

How to Train Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive dogs are experiencing internal problems. It can be too much excitement, fear, anger or pain. They tend to show this bad behavior also when they are threatened by other people or by the invasion of other animals within their territory. How to train aggressive dogs is essential in giving assurance to your dog that it is safe from those things that it perceived to be dangerous. Common situations like having a visitor or feeling the urge to have a mate must be addressed properly. Here’s how:

  1. Do not react when the dog barks when someone is knocking on your gate. Instead, open the door calmly, go out and close it with the dog still inside the house. Proceed to the gate and let the visitor come in. The dog should get the message now that the visitor is not a stranger, but if it keeps on barking, explain to the guest to repeat the process.

  2. You’ll be more in control of your dog if you let it wear a chain collar attached to the leash. This will restrain the dog from struggling hard because once it moves drastically, the neck brace will tighten up.

    t can choke if it struggles more - so it has no choice but to slow down a bit.

  3. Be tough when walking the dog. When it suddenly barks at something or struggles to pursue someone or another animal, show your discontent by demanding respect. Stomp your feet and walk back to the direction where you came from. Only resume the walk if the dog is restrained. If it still behaves badly - do the warning gesture again.

  4. Do not show that you are frightened when your dog stands tall and clings to you when it’s disturbed. You should also advise this to other members of your family. The dog will relax when you are not showing aggression. Show your appreciation by giving it treats when it behaves well. It will remember to repeat these actions when rewarded.

  5. Dogs are very loyal to their masters. If it seems to not like a family member, assign that person to care for the dog for a period of time. This will change the dog’s perception of that person. They can even become best friends if he or she is feeding, training, playing and giving it so much attention.

  6. Teach your dog to be a sociable animal by giving rewards when it’s being friendly. When it simply sits to listen to your instructions, nurture it with its favorite treats.

  7. Search for dog training services by notable dog trainers. They can sought out your dog and tame it for you if you have great difficulties. You will be informed of their assessment and they will recommend some therapies that you can practice with your dog at home.

Do not wait until disaster happens before you start learning how to train aggressive dogs. Their behaviors must be modified by making them understand that they are not the superior ones. You can self-learn these techniques but resort to a professional if you think that you cannot handle it.


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