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How to Train an Attack Dog

How to Train an Attack Dog

You’ll definitely feel more secure at home when you have an attack dog that will act quickly according to your command. However, this is easier said than done. You cannot just implement how to train an attack dog haphazardly. When your dog happens to attack an intruder, you can still be liable for the injuries it caused. The training is also not suitable for all dogs, especially the ones that are very temperamental – or else they can easily go out of control. Go through these guidelines and decide if you’re really up for it:

  1. Select the right kind of breed to be trained for an attack dog. Experienced breeders will know that attack dogs come only from distinguished breeds with personalities appropriate for the job. These breeds include Rottweilers and German Shepherds. It helps that they are physically large dogs, but the most important factor is the stable temperament of these dogs.

  2. Seek the services of a professional dog trainer for your dog’s protection training. They are knowledgeable in taking full control over your dog’s behavior when confronted by provoking instances.

    will also know how to assess your dog’s ability and where to start its training – whether from the basic obedience training or more advanced steps.

  3. Do not encourage your soon to be attack dog to be a social figure –that’s not going to be its lifestyle. The dog should also not become a threat to your friends and neighbors, although it should be able to act according to your command to attack a dangerous stranger.

  4. Participate in your dog’s training with the expert trainer. You will be directed on how to properly make it interact with a bite stick. You can then proceed to be the one giving the commands while the dog trainer poses as the trespasser wearing the bite suit. At first, the dog will be secured with a leash and then freed to pursue the intruder.

  5. Make it short and simple for your dog. Use only commands that can be expressed in a single word – whether it’s for attacking or for stopping it from attacking the stranger. Just remember that it is crucial to be consistent with your commands so that you won’t drive your dog to confusion.

  6. Let your dog be protective of you when in trouble, even without giving the command. You can actually perform a drill for this by letting someone wear the bite suit and pretend to hurt you. See how your dog responds. When it’s adamant to attack your opponent, command it to do so. Praise it when it responds positively, but don’t forget to command it to stop attacking. Repeat the process so that it will register in your dog’s mind, that the other person’s actions are causing you harm.

There are two things necessary in facilitating how to train an attack dog – the dog’s temperament and complete protection training. You can’t just suspend the training because your dog becomes uncontrollable. That’s why it’s important to let a professional handle this. They will know how to determine if your dog has the right temperament before starting the training. Thanks to their years of experience, they can also control your dog when it becomes ferocious.


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