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How to Train an English Bulldog

How to Train an English Bulldog

An English bulldog naturally scares most people away because of his startling and always disgruntled appearance. The dog has a compact, attention-catching muzzle with big round eyes where skin slightly droops over. Despite these facial characteristics, an English bulldog is one of the most lovable dog breeds. You do not even have to exert too much effort in taking care of him as he usually just lazes on the couch. Perseverance, patience and dedication are just some of the personality traits you need to possess to successfully learn how to train an English bulldog. Once you have these traits, you can start following these step-by-step instructions on training your English bulldog.

  1. Show him who the boss is. An English bulldog is very hard to train simply because he is innately a stubborn breed. To make training easy for you and your pet dog, you need to show him who is the master. He will only be able to follow your instructions when he recognizes that you are above him. Be firm and use words like ‘focus’ when talking to him. Punishing him by striking and spanking the dog will not get you any further in training, as he will only lose attention and affection for you.


  2. Let him know where his crate is at. Prepare a crate that is large enough to accommodate the wide-sized and broad shoulders of your pet dog. Make sure that he treats his crate as his home where he can rest and sleep and eat his food securely. He should feel comfortable with his crate, so place a small blanket and a few toys inside. Be careful not to include toys that are easily chewed on since this kind of dog loves to chew on anything.

    Do not allow him to potty inside his crate; instead, take him outside and show him where to potty. Consistency and persistence in teaching your pup the right place to rest and potty will eventually pay off when you see him do this even without your command. Every time you see him doing this, encourage him and praise his good work.

  3. Discipline your pet inside and outside the home. Although an English bulldog prefers to just sit and sleep on the couch or beside you, you have to remember that a dog is naturally active and will still need a few minutes to stretch his muscles and work his body. You still need to train him on how to behave properly when inside the home. Put a leash around his neck and tie or hang it at a place where you can look out for him, when necessary.

    When you take him outside the home, let him know his boundaries and his limits. Take him in and outside of your home using the same door so that he does not get confused. Use a strong word of command to teach and discipline him.

  4. Set a specific place for feeding and drinking. Your pet should know that he cannot be fed just any place he wants, especially around the house. Part of his training and discipline is setting a specific place and time where his food and water is given to him.

An English bulldog belongs to a highly intelligent breed of dogs, however, they cannot be taught too many things at one time. How to train an English bulldog cannot be done overnight. You need to take it one step at a time.


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