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How to Train Boxer Dogs

How to Train Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs are known to be athletic and playful with high energy performance. They are also protective to their human companions. Boxers are affectionate in nature once they feel secured, loved and cared by their owner.  It is appropriate to know how to train boxer dogs before deciding to pet a dog with this breed. Here’s how:

  1. Establish a house training routine as early as possible. It has been proven that boxer dogs are easy to house train.  Create a well-organized schedule for its potty training - it’s an advantage to begin potty training a young pup. Refrain from changing the schedule to allow it to adapt to the system quickly. Never pick up the dog and bring it to its potty place - instead, command it to go potty and guide it to its way you want it to get familiar with. Boxers are highly obedient dogs - just be consistent but repetitive with your commands.

  2. Introduce its crate and encourage it to stay inside when its bedtime. Provide it with warm mat and make sure that the crate is suitable to its size that it can lay down, sit and stand.

    ect that sometimes it cries but do not take it out until the tantrums stops. This is to let it recognize that the crate is its best place to dwell in. Bring out your treat and call your boxer that its “crate time” - it will surely hop on its crate while waiting for the treat.

  3. Train your boxer dog to walk properly with unfastened leash. Boxers sometimes get too excited and would probably drag you down or worst, it can jump into your neighbor’s fence. This behavior is too dangerous. Correct its negative actions right away to prevent it from doing it again. A leash will help you control its unwanted behavior but it’s emphasizing the commands that will make it a well-disciplined dog. If it obeys your command let it walk nicely with a loosened leash and follow on with giving it a thrilling reward - when it continuously shows good behaviors.

  4. Teach the boxer with some simple obedience commands like sit, stay, down, out, no or no barking. These commands must be imposed with encouragement. It is important that your boxer will develop respect to you as its master. Never allow it to show dominance. Correct it at once as you notice such action. Boxers can be very aggressive if they think that they have the control over its territory or situation.

  5. Introduce a clicker technique that would captivate its attention. Boxers are sensitive in hearing sounds. It is its natural ability to protect its master once you have established the dog-master relationship. Create a sound by snapping your fingers or use a whistle to get the attention of your boxer. Snap your finger while saying “come” will get better result. Always use the same sound every time you want to call its attention followed by the corresponding command.

  6. Make the training as part of your bonding moment. Boxers are naturally athletic dogs. They love to catch balls. In fact they can join games when properly trained. Make the most of it while you are in the park. Let your boxer dog socialize with other individuals and dogs from the neighborhood. However, restrict it at once when it attempts to jump on to people.

A well trained boxer dog is protective and a loving buddy. Empower your dog with the best behaviors and you’ll know that you’ve done great on how to train boxer dogs. You will surely enjoy a very active and useful dog that will live up to 14 long years.


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