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How to Train Cats

How to Train Cats

Cats are trainable pets as they are meek and smart. All you need is to be patient with them and be open to some tricks. Living with your cat on a daily basis is hassle free if you know how to train cats. They can readily follow a routine and can adopt proper habits. You do not have to resort to scaring them as it will just confuse them. Train your cat well and caring for them will be very easy. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Train cats as soon as they get to you.  It is best to train them when they are still kittens, although training adult cats can also reap the same good results. Start with litter box training as it is a basic lesson. Lead your cat to the litter box when it’s ready to unload. At first, it might not make it there on time, but at least it knows where to go the next time. Maintain the cleanliness of the litter box. It is best to have two for each cat, so in case one is dirty, it can use the other one.

  2. Provide a piece of wood or toy that your pet cat can scratch. Their claws are designed in such a way that scratching is a normal thing for them - and if they don’t have anything to scratch on, they might scratch your fine furniture at home.

    ke sure you protect furniture by wrapping it with aluminum foil on the surface and sides. Cats will not like the sound of foil when they scratch it. If you catch your cat still doing it, call its name in a loud voice. When it stops misbehaving, you can say “good boy,” pat it on the back or give it treats.

  3. Reward systems still work on cats.  When they do something good, they get rewarded; however, if they do the opposite, they get punished. The punishment could be in the form of a water gun spray. Never shoot water in your cat’s eyes. Instead, aim for the torso. Cats get annoyed when they get wet, so chances are it will not do it again.

  4. Always find time to play with your cat. It is easier to train it if it is already very close to you.  It will not want to upset you, so it will try to follow your commands. Be kind to it always - cruelty will just make your cat more unruly.

Techniques on how to train cats vary because not all cats are the same. In general, cats make smart pets. They are very sensitive to emotions, so be careful with what you say and how you say it. It is ok to be strict, but always be considerate.


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