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How to Train Dogs

How to Train Dogs

A well-trained dog is a treasure to have, but are you willing to do the training yourself? Of course, this can be done at home – but it will surely require time and more effort from you. You should dedicate some time for your dog regularly and not just once in a while. Dog training schools can do this very well because they concentrate in this field. Nevertheless, if you insist on how to train dogs, these tips can surely make it manageable for you:

  1. Being consistent with your dog is a must when training it. You will need motivators for your dog – whether they are positive or negative motivators. Try to quickly train dogs that are new to your household. Starting at an earlier age is always an advantage, so it doesn’t get used to bad habits.

  2. Alternate treats with other motivators to keep your dog surprised and happy. Note its favorite rewards, like a head rub, chasing a ball, getting into the car or going outdoors. When your dog is obedient to your commands, you can do any of these activities with your pet.


  3. Let it master one command first before teaching it a new one. When you notice that it is already well-versed with a certain directive, gradually introduce a new command, but still use the first command for practice. Keep on adding new commands accordingly.

  4. Do not limit your training place to one location. This is how you train an obedient dog, regardless of whether you are at home or somewhere else. Some dogs will panic when they see strangers or when they are in an unfamiliar setting. Sociable dogs are easier to discipline.

  5. You cannot train a dog by being cruel to it. On the contrary, it will remember things that are connected with pleasing experiences. Scaring it with tough punishments can make it a very confused dog. Do not be affectionate with your dog when it misbehaves. It will think that you are pleased with what it did.

  6. Obedience training is not about making your dog do some tricks. This is a good bonding time for you and your pet, and living together will be more harmonious and fun when it can interact with you. Letting it sit down when you have guests around can prevent the ambience of your household from being chaotic.

  7. Be forgiving when your dog is sometimes hard-headed. If this occurs once in a while and your dog is well-behaved most of the time, you’ve done a good job in training it.

  8. Do not hesitate to put your dog under professional training when you are not confident in the progress of your efforts. This is even a must if your dog is very unruly. Why sacrifice your own household by living with a pet that is out of control?

How to train dogs is a must for dog owners. If you think that you are not the best person to do this, enroll your dog into a training school or hire a personal dog trainer who can work at your most convenient time. Getting a referral from your dog’s veterinarian is the quickest and safest way to begin. You can also ask around your neighborhood’s animal institutions for some more recommendations.


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