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how to train for track running

how to train for track running

Track running is one of the oldest sports, but it remains popular among athletes. Training for runners starts as early as middle school during gym classes. It is a combination of both speed and endurance. A set of runners will run at the same time just as soon as the signal is given. Depending on the type of track running they are participating in, the runners are supposed to finish the race as fast as they can. Running fast is not as easy as it sounds. Proper training and guidance is necessary, especially if you are in a competition. You can perform the steps on how to train for track running by yourself or you could also hire a professional trainer to guide you. Either way, determination is always the key. Proper training before the actual race is very important. For one, you have to have your body energized. You have to let your body get used to the running, the speed, the endurance and all of those things. Another reason is to prevent injuries. If you don’t train yourself properly, running abruptly might cause soreness to your muscles or even injury. This is exactly why training for track running is done months before the actual competition.

Many athletes have trained for competitions. There are also health buffs who just want to run as a form of exercise. Either way, training is always the best way to start. Here are the steps and some helpful tips:

  1. Stretch and warm up before doing any actual running. Perform stretching exercises before warming up. Make sure that you cover almost every vital muscle group, including your quads, hamstrings and the like. This will enhance blood circulation and help your body get ready for today’s training. Now, when warming up, you can do this by running a few times around the track at a slow pace. Doing stretches and warm ups will also help prevent any unforeseen injuries.

  2. Practice interval training. This means that you will have to run at different speeds. You can start running at a slow pace, and then when you are warmed up, run at a faster pace. Return to the slower pace after a while. Just like any other machine, your muscles need to recover from the strenuous activities. Interval training will make sure that your muscles recover at their maximum level every time. It also helps you maintain the pace that you are aiming for while conserving your energy.

  3. Another way to train your speed and endurance is to do progressive training. This is done through performing different ranges of speed with different repetitions for each speed. Interval training and progressive training will really bring out your full potential.

  4. Weight training is another way to push your body to the limit. Train yourself to run with weights on both your legs. Once you are accustomed to running with weights on your legs, you’ll move even faster without them.

  5. Always time yourself. For starters, your time will be longer than the others who are already experienced. But as training continues, your body will learn to adapt to the activities and your speed will gradually improve.

The last and most important tip is that you should invest in good running shoes. This is the most important item you need. You may have to open up your wallet, but it will be worth it once you notice the difference in footwear. If you know how to train for track running, you’ll be ready for competition within one to two months.


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