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How to Train German Shepherds

How to Train German Shepherds

German shepherd dogs are known as military and police helpers. They are intelligent dogs. It is challenging to think about how to train German shepherd dogs, especially given their ferocious nature. Although it’s been noted that a German shepherd dog is easy to train, there are few things to consider. Here are some basic strategies for you to start with:

  1. Invest in a young German shepherd puppy and mold its personality as it grows. Remember the saying: “you cannot teach an old dog some new tricks.” It is truly difficult to control an older dog to correct its behavior - so start with a puppy. Make sure that it came from a good type of breed. Give your new puppy proper care and love so that you can easily win its trust.

  2. Create a strategic routine. You don’t have to be rigid in training dogs. Set at least 20 minutes every day to infuse some basic training. Be patient and kind to the puppy; being harsh will inflict negative effects on it. Have fun and enjoy the playtime together.

  3. Find the right time when the puppy is in a good mood and is satisfied with its food.

    n begin the training. Dogs naturally have a shorter attention span - therefore, find the best time of the day for its training activities and make it quick, but do it often.

  4. Use short and simple commands. German shepherds are naturally obedient and keen to understand their masters when properly trained. Create a sound to encourage the dog to pay attention. You may snap your finger and once it reacts to that sound, utter a short command right away like “sit.” This strategy is more effective if you are generous in giving it a reward upon following your command.  Repeat this routine a few times daily if possible. However, a young puppy easily gets tired - so do not pressure it to do more activities. You will never get anywhere when training a stressed and unhappy dog.

  5. The clicking or snapping strategy must be consistent. The sound you are creating must be the same whenever you give the command. Do not change the sound until the dog is familiar with it. The puppy can easily associate the command with the sound heard prior to it. Reinforce this strategy to inspire your puppy to continue the positive behavior.

  6. Keep in mind that rewards must always be given after every job well done. You don’t have to give treats every time. Petting it or praising it is also some kind of reward. If you are not consistent in rewarding your dog, don’t be surprised if you’ll be ignored by it the next time you order it to do something.

  7. Consider proper classroom training. Dog training centers conducted by professionals are available in most areas in the United States. You may inquire from a local animal center or search for some options online. This approach is advantageous if you don’t have enough time to train your dog.

  8. When the puppy reaches its tenth week, it can already be trained in a classroom set-up. This motivates the puppy to merge with other breeds.  Being sociable is essential for the growing puppy to be able to play and bond with other dogs. The basic obedience training emphasized that the master’s commands must be followed – thus, making it easier for dog owners to handle their professionally trained dogs.

A German shepherd dog can easily adjust to its human companions with proper training. Do not take how to train German shepherds for granted. This is for the safety of everyone involved.


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