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How to Train Hunting Dogs from Scratch

How to Train Hunting Dogs from Scratch

There are different types of dog breeds that excel in various activities. Labrador, dachshunds, bloodhounds, beagles and basset hounds are good at hunting. If you are a hunter, aiming to own a hunting dog is not as easy as it sounds. Understanding how to train hunting dogs may lead you to your quest sooner rather than later:

  1. Start by owning a young puppy belonging to the hunting breeds. Do not compromise the quality of the puppy and immediately introduce the basic obedience commands to it. The selected puppy must have a good sense of smell. This is a prerequisite for hunting dogs. This characteristic is helpful in searching, rescuing and protecting its master.

  2. Develop a good relationship with your young dog to make it trust you. Nurture it with nutritious foods but instill discipline because it will not go far without it. Don’t abuse your dog when it can’t follow orders, but make it known that you are unhappy. Motivate it by giving incentives for all the good things it has done. Love it but do not spoil it.


  3. Keep it busy by setting-up daily activities. Take the puppy outside the house and let it run around within the safe area. Give it close supervision to avoid any incidents.  This is a form of exercise, which will help its body to be firm and strong. Teach it simple commands while playing with it.

  4. Expose the puppy to the local weather by doing outdoor activities. Be persistent and do this task as often as possible whenever your time permits. Let it drink enough water when doing tough activities. It has to replace the massive fluids lost from its body due to extreme weather exposure. Never over-feed your dog. An overweight dog is too heavy to function for hunting tasks.

  5. Practice hunting by conducting progressive exercises. Level up its activity as soon as it becomes skillful with the introductory task by reinforcing a hunting game to enhance its tracking ability. You need to prepare a pint of blood from a deer. Make a trail from the starting point going through the pint. Place a surprising treat at the end point of the trail. Allow the dog to look for the treat by following the trail. While the puppy is going along, it usually sniffs on the ground. It basically uses its sense of smell to be able to track the scent of the blood. Repeat this technique for several sessions and eventually remove the trail to see if the dog really uses its sense of smell and not its sight while tracking the source of the bait.

  6. Use an electric collar. It is a helpful tool to reprimand your dog if it is not following a simple command. The dog will feel a bit of an electric shock if you press the button on its controller - but it will not harm your dog.

Training the dog to hunt is not easy - it involves patience and determination. You can only be successful in molding a high performance hunting dog if you are keen on studying how to train hunting dogs starting from scratch.


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