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How to Train Maltese Puppies

How to Train Maltese Puppies

Maltese puppies belong to a breed of dogs which is known as the ‘toy breed.’ This is because of the weight and height of its puppies. More often than not, Maltese puppies come with white coats, although cream and brown spotting are blended in at times. These dogs have round, black eyes, button noses, droopy ears, and straight, silky-soft coats. They are the embodiment of sweetness and gentleness. For these and other reasons, learning how to train Maltese puppies is easy. Maltese dogs are friendly dogs, and they can live and get along easily with other pets. So applying these tips in their training will help you achieve success in no time.

  1. Teach your puppies to recognize their names. When your new pups first arrive at your home, they are strangers to their new environment. Give them a nice tour of the place and allow them to get comfortable in it, especially in their resting place. While doing that let them get used to hearing their names: Call them as often as possible. One or two-syllable names are perfect for your pets.

  2. Let your puppies socialize with other pets and strangers.

    hether they are new pets or people who are visiting your home, allow your Maltese puppies to meet them. This will prevent your dogs from being shy and timid towards them. These dogs are capable of being friendly and sociable so let them be. Train them not to be frightened when people other than their masters are around.

  3. Housetrain your puppy. The notion that Maltese pups are difficult to house train is wrong. However, you need to take a long rope of patience with you. When you constantly and consistently train your pup by showing him where the proper place to eliminate is, he will respond well and follow your commands. Every time you notice that he needs to poop or pee, let him come out of his crate and show him where to do this. Also, schedule a feeding time each day and be consistent about it. Feed him in his crate so that he knows that he can treat it as a home and resting place. Do not use the crate to punish him.

  4.  Positive reinforcement is always the best way to go. Whether you are giving dogs potty training, housebreaking them, teaching them obedience, or giving them name recognition training, always remember that the most appropriate way to go about these efforts is to use positive reinforcement. Simple praises and treats will go a long way when you are teaching your dogs how to behave appropriately. By contrast, the pups will not respond to you if you spank or scold them. If you notice unwanted behavior among your puppies, correct it by not giving them any kind of attention. Scolding them may give them the indication that this behavior is tolerable and acceptable.

  5. Give them exercise. Maltese puppies need to be exercised every day. A 10 to 20-minute walk to the park after eating is good for your pups as it will enable them to stretch their legs and muscles. It will also help them to recognize and get acquainted with the environment around them. Eliminating will also proceed more quickly because of the exercise.

Playtime is also an important part of learning how to train Maltese puppies. Incorporate play activities into your training so that you can show your puppies how much you care for them and love them. They will be more comfortable with you and respond better to you if you show them your affection and love.


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