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How to Train Parrots

How to Train Parrots

Parrots are amazing birds as they have a special talent to mimic words.  If you are a parrot owner, it is important to know how to train parrots.  Don’t panic as this does not require special skills – just a little patience, love and care.  It will definitely pay off when your parrot starts to talk.  Here are some pointers to consider:

  1. Start to train your pet parrot when it is about four to five months old.  There is no need to rush as a certain maturity and discipline will be needed. Prior to training, always be there to care for it.  Your parrot will get familiar with you, and you will earn its trust.

  2. Make a consistent schedule for the training sessions. You will definitely need much patience in the beginning.  Also, prepare a secluded but bright and cheerful room as your training place. It should be away from its cage, but keep the windows closed. Set a temperature that is very comfortable for your pet parrot.

  3. Start teaching very simple words like ‘hello,’ ‘good morning’ and names of people in your household.

    too many words in just one session. When training your parrot, hold it right in front of you and make sure it can see your lips as you speak. Repeat the simple words over and over again with strong emotion.  Parrots easily pick up words that are said with strong emphasis.

  4. Give rewards when your pet parrot mimics a particular word successfully. It could just be a toy, a veggie or fruit bite or simply just a pat on its back. Make sure you don’t overfeed it though as it will have unfavorable results.

  5. Always speak with a cheerful voice.  The parrot will pick up the emotion. Never let your parrot hear words you don’t want it to utter, especially swear words. It is so hard to erase these bad words from its memory.

  6. Repeat words your pet parrot has already learned again and again so it won’t forget them. When you see some progress with the simple words, proceed with teaching it simple phrases. Always use positive words and be patient. Never impose too much pressure. Limit the training to ten to fifteen minutes per day.

  7. Keep your parrot healthy and clean. It will not be enthusiastic to learn or absorb the lessons when it is underfed and sick.

Learning how to train parrots should be fun and enjoyable. Consider it a hobby instead of a chore. Your parrot can see your perseverance and it will easily adjust to the conditions you have set for it. Again, always be patient and caring.


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